Video: Will Strong Pastors and Constitutional Sheriffs Save this Nation?


Alex Newman is Senior Editor at The New American magazine, a world traveler who has lived in seven countries while winning awards and writing books, and a professional speaker who has educated millions and millions through his various media outlets and websites. Despite all of his success, Alex Newman knows that he would be nothing without a strong faith in his Savior, Jesus Christ.

From the months and months that Newman collectively spent outside the United States came a keen sense of tyranny and a witness to the decay that begins to overcome a society that has abandoned God and succumbed to lawlessness.

Newman realized as many do, that America has accelerated towards decay and lawlessness in large part due to the failure of pastors to preach God’s word from the pulpit without it being “watered-down” by the world. Secondarily, Newman rightfully thinks that a strong, Constitutional Sheriff is the foundation of a lawful society and is a position also severely lacking in America.

Newman appeared recently on Montana Gazette Radio to discuss his disappointment with the pulpit and to encourage citizens to stand behind Constitutional Sheriffs. In the first video below, Newman discusses the need for America to turn back to God, while the second video is the entire interview in its entirety.


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