The Moral Future of the GOP?


When the Obergefell V Hodges decision was handed down by the United States Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision on June 26, 2015, I wrote on my Facebook page that the Republican party likely would never again field a truly pro-traditional family (meaning truly unfriendly to gay ascendancy) candidate for president.

My reasoning for this, though I didn’t include it in the post, was that though the Republicans have been far more aligned with Christian values generally than the Democrats had been for decades, they were after all politicians and would eventually fly in the direction of the political winds once they thought it would be politically disadvantageous not to.

While Donald Trump was better than Hilary Clinton would have been by orders of magnitude, he still had no problem appointing some openly gay federal judges and his support for religious liberty was just that. Support for religious liberty, not any particular opposition to the normalization of sexual perversion in the society.

We may now be approaching a real fork in the GOP road.

Bruce Jenner, the world-famous multi-Olympic medalist from the 1970’s and symbol of athletic manhood for a generation is now identifying himself as “Caitlyn.” He is in the midst of attempting to delude himself and the world into believing that he is actually a she.

It appears to be working, at least among the pagans, because even the most otherwise conservative of secular media outlets and personalities are careful to refer to him as a her. Now anymore in this morally decomposing nation that is not news.

What IS news is that this man calling himself a woman, has announced his candidacy, as a Republican, for governor of California in the hope of replacing the likely to be recalled present Democrat governor Gavin Newsom. This presents an immediate conundrum for California Republicans in particular and the national party generally as California is one of the most politically influential states in this country.

In the not so distant past I would have written this off as an eye roll worthy sideshow. I am however then reminded of all the other things (and people) in the not so distant past I did write off as eye roll worthy sideshows that are, as I type this, inescapable present realities.

We used to say that in American politics a year is an eternity. Today in American Politics, a month is now an eternity. It’s still early in the process, but those who dismiss Mr. Jenner as a freak with no chance of winning a gubernatorial race in California just may find out that they were sadly mistaken.

As I said above. This puts the Republicans in a very sticky situation.

Do they fail to support Jenner and risk surviving the carpet bombing media campaign that would undoubtedly follow them into the 2022 midterms… and beyond? Or do they support him and forever lose any credibility they may have left as the national party of traditional values? It’s a no win situation.

The fact that this is California were talking about makes it even more consequential. California’s 55 electoral votes are practically required to win the Whitehouse and that state is, again, one of the most politically influential in the nation.

Bruce Jenner describes himself as a social liberal and fiscal conservative. Clearly failing to recognize that it is social liberalism that fuels tax and spend fiscal liberalism. You can’t be socially liberal in a credible way without spending a pile of other people’s money. It shouldn’t be surprising however that a man who thinks he’s a woman would be confused about this as well.

Like I say, it’s still pretty early, but make no mistake. Today, Jenner has a chance and if he begins to gain more credibility as a candidate the Republicans absolutely will find their heads in this noose.

-Gregory Smith


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  1. Actually it sounds like Bruce Jenner is libertarian, because this is exactly how most Libertarians describe themselves, that they are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I can’t tell you how many times I have read or heard that description by a libertarian. Given Libertarians a limited scope and government at this point this is why most people don’t run as libertarian, and I guess it’s hard to say how practically their worldview would actually apply. But historically this is also more the view of a classical liberal. Generally speaking also win a libertarian says that they are socially liberal, that can also have a very wide range of meaning. And some cases it means that they advocate her lgbtq stuff quite rapidly, for others it just means they’re not going to stop people from doing what they want to do. There really is quite a spectrum, so I do take that and Regard in terms of Bruce Jenner statement, I don’t see him as a huge rabid activist for lgbtq causes, but obviously I don’t think I could vote for him in good conscience if I lived in California. I don’t know what I would do not vote? I would also like to know that, part of the problem with libertarian policy is a lot of Libertarians don’t want to legislate abortion out of existence even when they highly disagree with it based on specious arguments. Usually maintaining that prohibition doesn’t work, which is absurd because they usually refer to the prohibition of drugs or alcohol which of course is not the same as the prohibition of murder. So while I will have to read a little more about Bruce’s views he sounds really libertarian to me from what I have read so far. But he’s been a very long time Republican, which I suppose is the other reason he’s not apt to change his affiliation although he should.


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