Bozeman Chronicle Attacks Republicans for Endorsing School Board Candidates


Quoting a Sex Shop Owner to Claim Republicans Are “Extreme,” the Bozeman Chronicle Continues to Demonstrate Why Montana’s Liberal Media is Dying Without Dignity

The Legacy Press is dying in Montana, and for good reason; few trust it. Lee Enterprises, which owns the Billings Gazette, the Helena Independent Record, the Missoulian, the Montana Standard, and the Ravalli Republic got kicked off of the New York Stock Exchange for going broke last year. The organization purchased its media holdings 15 years ago for 1.46 billion dollars and currently is worth less than 50 million dollars. Failing to maintain financial solvency, the organization moved to the less-prestigious NASDAQ after being shown the door by the NYSE financial watchdogs.

Meanwhile, the Billings Gazette has had to lay off much of its newsroom while reporters have unionized in a spectacular death spiral. The Missoulian has recently turned off its presses for good. The Great Falls Tribune has also closed its presses and retreated to Helena to provide non-local “reporting” and has recently placed its facility up for sale. And given the spate of biased, leftist-driven propaganda recently being projectile-vomited into print at the Bozeman Chronicle, this paper too is sure to soon go the way of the rest of Montana’s liberal media.

Only several weeks ago, Montana Daily Gazette covered the sub-par, progressive-dripping bias of the muckrakers at the Bozeman Chronicle, criticizing their “reporting” of Gallatin County Health Officer, Matt Kelley, quitting his job to go to work for Johnson & Johnson and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, pushing forced vaccinations upon Montanans. The Chronicle failed to report that Kelley was going to work for a far-left health fascism organization and instead said it – laughably – “aims to strengthen public health system capacity and conduct nonpartisan research into health policy and health care funding (emphasis ours).”

Such inattention to detail should have a sixth-grader summarily exiled from the student newspaper. Kelley’s new employer is not nonpartisan and is primarily known for researching how to force Republicans to take vaccines they don’t want. In addition, its work focuses on legalizing abortion up until the age of birth and promoting complete and universal gun control. But the Bozeman Chronicle repeated its website’s claims that it was “nonpartisan,” being unable or disinterested in reporting actual facts.

The non-controversy reported on by the leftwing rag publication is that the Gallatin County Republican Central Committee endorsed several conservative candidates for the local school board election. Bozeman School is currently under siege by leftists desiring to commandeer the minds of the youth, and the Republican Central Committee is tired of watching Comminterns of the school district brainwash students.

The Montana Daily Gazette – the only news publication in Montana that is not declining in readership – recently reported that the Bozeman Public School District has started a Marxism Committee designed to push Critical Theory upon students.

The Gazette reported…

According to an article in the mainstream media publication, The Bozeman Chronicle, Bozeman School District has an “Equity Task Force.” The term itself is a bold reference to Marxism, the lynchpin of Communist economic theory. As explained above, the purpose of “equity” is the redistribution of wealth, property, and privilege.

As we went on to explain that the time, a review of the material proposed for use in the school district shows that it was obtained from the book, Critical Race Theory, written by Marxists, Richard Delgado, Jean Stefancic, and Angela Harris. The book literally promotes both economic and cultural Marxism.

We further explained in our reporting…

In a conservative state like Montana, our little blue dots – Bozeman, Missoula, Helena and several more – are busy promoting far-left ideas that even surpass the level of brainwashing one might see in Portland or San Francisco. Parents in these communities would do well to either take over their local school boards to expunge them of Marxists or to pull their children out of the government schools to give them a superior education at home.

That’s what the Gallatin County Republican Central Committee sought to do, to recommend good school board members who will support education in core academic areas and repudiate brainwashing from all sides. However, this earned the ire of the Cominterns at the Bozeman Chronicle and at least one sex shop owner, who everyone knows, is always by far the best source to determine what is and is not good for a community.

Doing what Republican central committees do – help conservatives get elected – the committee endorsed Anna Shchemelinin, Cheryl Tusken and Lisa Weaver as challengers to the current Communist-infused school board that’s pushing Critical Theory upon the students. Kyndall Hinkle, chair of the committee, told the Democrat “news” publication, “It is our utmost priority to educate voters on candidates that align with values of parental rights, freedom of thought, quality education and empowering students.”

Democrats, of course, are outraged. After all, they already have their candidates on the school board, under the thinly veiled guise of nonpartisanship. Democrat chairwoman, Elizabeth Marum, told the press, “By endorsing candidates in a nonpartisan election, they’re telling us that they have a political agenda associated with the school board positions. If so, that removes the purpose of electing members that are there to serve the children, the needs of the students and taxpayers.”

Of course, the notion that a school board with a Marxism Committee doesn’t have a “political agenda” is pure, insanely irrational fallacy. Critical Theory is political, and it’s an agenda.

Furthermore, there is nothing in either state law or within the bylaws of the state Republican Party that would prevent a Central Committee from endorsing non-partisan candidates for office. The move by the Gallatin County Republican Central Committee is legal, rightful, and common sense. Typically in Montana, Democrats take office primarily in “non-partisan” elections, like for the local school board or the state Supreme Court. Montanans would be wise to realize that no office is fundamentally non-partisan.

The Bozeman Chronicle then sought an expert in community values, a local sex shop owner named Billy McWilliams, who made national news after offering to give away vibrators to women who vote Democrat. Calling his plan, “Make America Orgasm Again,” the seller of adult wares seemed to have presumed that vibrators are the only way for women to achieve orgasm, which is probably true for feminists and a whole host of Democrat women.

McWilliams, who was also once the chair of the Gallatin County Democratic Committee, complained, “The biggest thing that concerned me is that the candidates they endorsed have some anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-public education views that are not compatible with the Bozeman School District.”

Interestingly, McWilliams cares so much about the spread of COVID-19 that he continued to require his employees to come to work to maintain his online and curbside sales of dildos, vibrators, and edible underwear. These are, according to an employee Montana Daily Gazette spoke to earlier this morning, an “essential service.”

The Bozeman Democrat Chronicle also took shots at River Church, a congregation that similarly endorsed several school board candidates but had to remove their endorsements due to complications related to their tax exemption.

One thing seems to remain certain in Bozeman. The School District is controlled almost completely by those who are registered Democrats and they are pushing an agenda that is well to the left of the typical Gallatin County voter. Their Marxist agenda is palpable, proud, and militant, but the Bozeman Chronicle and county Democrats are fervently opposed to residents looking closely at the political alignment of school board candidates.


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