Montana Governor Will Let People Lie on Birth Certificate If They Mutilate Themselves First

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 6: Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) speaks during the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on Capitol Hill, December 6, 2017 in Washington, DC. The tree is a 79-foot-tall Engelmann Spruce tree that was grown in Montana.(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Governor Greg Gianforte (R) is a born-again, evangelical Christian affiliated with Grace Bible Church in Bozeman, Montana. His recent decision to walk back a policy of his predecessor in regards to letting mentally ill people lie on their birth certificates has drawn the ire of progressives but is equally as concerning for conservative Christians and those who believe in science.

Governor Gianforte signed a bill on Friday, requiring the mentally ill to physically mutilate themselves in order to lie about their gender on their birth certificate. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Carl Glimm (R-SD2), will require men to cut off their penis, or women to undergo similar deforming surgeries, to change the gender on their birth certificate at their local courthouse. Previously, the Department of Health and Human Services had changed the designation on birth certificates of “sex” to “gender” in order to accommodate those who are pretending to be the wrong gender.

Scientifically, there is no biological difference between sex and gender. The terms were used interchangeably until the Clinton Administration made the first distinction in order to appease the LGBTQ lobby. Since the 1990s, textbooks and dictionaries have redefined “gender” to imply that which is not innately biological. But in pure medical parlance, gender is inherently biological, and not a social construct subject to one’s imagination.

Nonetheless, the Bullock change allowed those suffering from gender dysphoria to bear false witness on their birth certificate in grandiose Orwellian fashion, literally erasing and amending the truthful, accurate information left of their birth certificate by their family doctor. Glimm’s bill requires those suffering gender dysphoria to engage in genital mutilation to change the document, something that has heretofore been relegated as a primitive and barbaric practice of the Third World.

Opponents of science are angered at the bill and Gianforte’s support, arguing that roughly half of those identifying as the wrong gender in Montana have yet to disfigure themselves, claiming that it’s discriminatory.

Some conservatives are oddly celebrating the bill, which – in all actuality – still allows people to lie on their birth certificates. The notion that someone can change their gender because they take a scalpel to their genitals is primitive and unlearned. Gender, also known as biological sex, is far deeper than genitalia. For example, if a man cuts off his penis he does not become a woman; he becomes an emasculated man.

Meanwhile, Governor Gianforte says that he does not yet know if he will sign a bill preventing boys from competing in girls’ sports.

Gianforte told the press, “This is an issue that evokes a lot of passion on both sides. I’ve met with transgender students, I’ve met with transgender parents, I’ve met with women athletes. We’ve been taking input from all sides of this.”

Pastor Jordan Hall of Gideon Knox Group, the publisher of Montana Daily Gazette, posted on his Facebook page, “With all due respect to Gov. Gianforte, ‘transgender’ students and ‘transgender’ parents do not exist. No one in the history of mankind has ever transitioned their gender. Gianforte has only met with mentally ill students who believe they are of the wrong gender. Not a single one of them was ‘transgender’.”

Hall went on, “Gianforte’s pastor, Brian Hughes, and his church – Grace Bible Church of Bozeman – need to admonish the governor to operate in the realm of objective reality and encourage him not to bear false witness about human biology with careless language. Doing so should be a cause of church discipline.”

He then cited Mathew 12:36, “When the day of judgment comes, everyone will be held accountable for every careless word he has spoken.”


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