THIS IS WAR! School District 5 Patriots vs Incumbents! Choose Freedom!


The war is on. School District 5 incumbent members are feeling threatened as are their “followers.” Constitutionally based school board hopefuls are scaring the daylights out of the liberal school board, and it shows. The “proof is in the pudding,” or instead on the poster.

Pictured below is a poster containing the names of the five “free-thinking” individuals running for School District 5 positions. Married couple Shaun and Trish Pandina, Dennis Gomez, Tina Tobiason, and Heather Asher make up the roll call of those running against incumbent members: Chair Head, Lance Isaak, Kim Wilson, Rebecca Linden, Sue Corrigan, and Amy Waller.

Evidently, the “opposition” to the five new ballot members has a great disdain even HATRED towards them. Furthermore, no, they do not believe in the “Theory of Evolution” (see the lineage of monkey, ape, man on the poster) as it would be foolish of them to do so. After all, it’s only a theory. The rest of the poster is poorly spattered with paint in hopes of blocking out their names. Pictures of science test tubes, vials, and “scientists” are glued onto the poster along with a “heart- science.” One can assume the vandals are trying to push the idea that the “schools” teach true science while these freedom-loving patriots wishing to replace the incumbents do not believe in science.

Another fallacy.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do they believe in science, they believe in freedom and our U.S. and Montana State Constitution.

The Pandinas, Gomez, Asher, and Tobiason most definitely believe in science. What they do not believe in is the assumption (say for instance) that masks prevent Covid. Study after study concurs that the “virus” is so microscopic that it travels freely through a mask. Science also proves that bacteria grow rampant inside all masks, creating diseases such as Staph Infection (which many students and teachers have had). Even Double Pneumonia can result from wearing a mask.

Earlier this school year, a presentation via a scientific demonstration proved not only the ineffectiveness of masks but the danger of them. The presenter used a tool to measure Carbon Dioxide while at a local school board meeting. The current board members acted uninterested and sat idly by on their computers as the demonstrator proved his point.

The results of the test were telling as the student involved in the live demo did have her oxygen rate, in fact, go down and read in the “danger zone” while beeping “WARNING.” The scientific test proved, without a doubt, that masks are indeed highly dangerous.

The lungs are an excretory organ meant for expelling waste, also known as “CO2.” We don’t drink our own urine, so why would we wear masks? Same concept.

The group hoping to win the school board seats are not demanding the masks come off all students or teachers, rather they want to see masks become “optional.” The Montana State Constitution (MSC) states that all Montanans are given the freedom of “bodily autonomy” (the right to govern their own bodily decisions) and the right to dignity under Article 2 of the MSC.

Yes, the Montana State Constitution states that “trustees” are not under the rule of the Governor or the Legislature and are “autonomous” in their decision-making process; however, the current school board is also breaking the law under the MSC. The legal document states that school boards statewide must provide “equal opportunities” for each student and a “quality education” for each as well.

How can this kind of education be considered quality after the demonstration proved the opposite? A “quality” education cannot be obtained when students cannot concentrate due to lack of oxygen, skin rashes, fiddling with and distractions from masks, dizziness, fainting spells, vomiting, and so on. Affidavits of Harm and Liability prove these events to be true as Liabilities have been submitted to lawyers and the County Commissioners in Flathead County by students and teachers.

A subject of equal importance to quality education is the hope that true “Constitutionalism” will be taught in our schools once again. The five new school board hopefuls are desiring a more “comprehensive Constitutional Curriculum.” As of now, the lessons taught in local schools regarding the Constitution are incorrect and marred.

One very researched individual stated the following:

“The introduction of the Constitution to these young Kalispell Public School children’s minds is telling them that the Constitution is a document that sets rules on people and tells them their rights. I’m sorry, that is just not accurate. The Constitution is a document that sets limitations on the Government. See the 10th amendment; if it is not stated in the Constitution, then it is reserved to the States or We the People. Furthermore, the rights that we have are not given to us by the Constitution. We already had those rights. We the People stated them in the Constitution, the 1st 10 Amendments because we did not want the Government to infringe upon our rights.”

He continued,

“We all were born with inalienable rights given to us by God (see the Declaration of Independence). Comprehensive Constitutional Curriculum starts with history. The origins of the Constitution come from Biblical principles. Our current judicial system is laid out in The Bible. Let’s talk about why multiple inscriptions mention God on the monuments in Washington D.C. Let’s discuss why it says “In God We Trust” on our currency and above the speaker’s chair in the U.S. House Chambers. Let’s talk about why the 10 Commandments are written in stone and sit in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of court buildings all across the United States of America. To not talk about this or denying that this is true would be to teach a false history.”

Research and fact findings are agreed upon by all five new members seeking school board positions as well, which leaves them unified in every area. They also agree on conservative budgeting and vehemently oppose “Critical Race Theory” and, as stated above, believe fully in the free choice concerning masking and vaccines.

For those who do not know what CRT is (Critical Race Theory), it is defined as thus:

“The view that the law and legal institutions are inherently racist and that race itself, instead of being biologically grounded and natural, is a socially constructed concept that is used by white people to further their economic and political interests at the expense of people of color.”

Many schools nationwide are adopting “Critical Race Theory,” but under no circumstances will it be allowed in by the new group of hopefuls.

There is much to also be said about the incumbents running in the upcoming election.

One example took place recently at an April 27th School Board Meeting comprised of all current board members. It was on the agenda to vote Micah Hill in for another three years as School Superintendent of District 5. The problem is (as a citizen contested) “Hill’s contract is not up until the end of June, and by voting him in now (at $162k per year for the next three years) that does not give whoever the new board members are a chance to vote on it. It is just a done deal.”

Lance Isaak, Board Chair, rammed the vote through.

Another deep concern with the current school board has been the huge “Covid Cash” raises that the school has been handing out while in a deficit. Covid raises are rampant for school admins etc., when the school is in deficit mode while at the same time asking for levy funds (per the ballots due tomorrow, May 4th).

ESSER funds revealed that the schools do not actually need levy funding for technological purposes “but are asking for it for future purposes and putting it on the ballot anyway.”

The ethics that the current administration and school board display are disturbing, questionable, and tactless.

Currently, the “paid server” is down and not working or accessible for School District 5. When asked, Superintendent Assistant, Beth Kornic stated it as “being down.” It is a “3rd party out of state server”, and it’s questionable whether or not there is even a backup of said records. It is a deep concern to not have backups since records dating back to 2000 including board policy minutes are involved.

Concerns are many, “This is highly disturbing as the server is out of state and digital, meaning anyone could just go in and alter the records.”

Another relevant and upsetting issue is that the school district office should NOT be printing, mailing, counting, and sorting ballots! Which is exactly what is happening and will happen once all the ballots are in. Gwen Andersen, SD5 Director, Business Services (and in this case “Election Administrator,”) on her Facebook Page, has a frame endorsing the incumbents. This move is dishonorable, unscrupulous, and poses a conflict of interest.

Furthermore, several people (approximately 20) stated they are missing the portion of their ballot where they vote for the candidates. This happened in the areas where Heather Asher and incumbent Kim Waller are running, meaning the rural High School candidates. Heather Asher is getting signed Affidavits concerning the issue. Asher is making sure and doing her best to help resolve the issue.

Ballots need to be submitted (in person) by tomorrow, Tuesday, May 4th at School District 5 Office, 233 First Ave. E in Kalispell. Voters are reminded to sign the outer envelope before turning it in and it must be signed by the person the ballot was issued to. 8 P.M. is the cut-off time.

If you care about freedom and your constitutional rights being upheld, please do not vote for the incumbents, but rather Shaun and Trish Pandina, Dennis Gomez, Tina Tobiason, and Heather Asher.

You will be pleased you did.


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