Video: Gen Z Carrying the Torch for Liberty in Response to Government Tyranny


They are young, motivated, active, and were born after 1995. They are collectively known as Generation Z, and they comprise over 25% of the United States population.

As big-tech censorship continues to increase, the spill-over effect from average folks being denied online communication is for them to meet up in groups, something that is happening not only in Montana but nationwide.

One of the biggest groups out there recruiting patriots is called Turning Point, USA; which is a group founded and promoted by Charlie Kirk that targets young Americans who share conservative values.

Turning Point has spent years getting its message out to young people and now their tireless efforts are beginning to pay dividends. In Montana, young adults are gathering together in greater numbers than ever before to attend meet-up groups, both online and in-person, while some Generation Z legislators ran for office and did many great things for the citizens of Montana during the lastest legislative session.

One example of a Gen Z legislator who truly “gets it” is Representative for House District 3 in Columbia Falls, Braxton Mitchell. Mitchell received praise throughout the legislative session in 2021, praise which was well-deserved. Mitchell spoke briefly about young adults waking up and becoming active in an interview with Jim White of Montana Gazette Radio recently. You can see that video linked first below, followed by the full Braxton Mitchell interview in its entirety.



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