Prominent Montana Senator Recounts Years of Trauma While Serving in the Legislature Pre-2021


From an outsider’s point of view, participation in the political arena in 2021 more resembles a battle waged inside the Roman Coliseum than the orderly, respectful debates and disagreements witnessed in years past.

For good people who try to go into public service for all the right reasons, the revelation that much of the hard work and long hours that they spend trying to pass legislation for the benefit of Montana citizens can be wiped out with a pen-stroke, and during the tenure of former Governor Steve Bullock it happened a lot.

Time and time again, Conservative legislators would pass bills that reflected the true will of the majority of Montana citizens, only to have the bills unceremoniously vetoed by the Democrat Governor. Hours and hours of work, and no small amount of money, would be simply flushed down the drain. It is comparable to digging a 6-foot hole, only to refill it again, and again, and again.

For one current Montana Senator and former House member, the constant battle that waged between those who fight for the folks and those who fight for themselves traumatized her while she served in the House during Steve Bullock’s tenure as Montana Governor. The real trauma occurred when she realized the size and scope of the unconstitutional and unaccountable government that good Conservatives constantly battle.

Theresa Manzella is arguably one of the most recognized and well-received legislators currently serving the citizens of Montana. But is only now, after Greg Gianforte was elected Montana Governor, that Manzella realized the many years of toiling away like a hamster on a wheel while in the Montana House was traumatizing.

Manzella joined Jim White from Montana Gazette Radio recently to further illustrate her past experiences while serving in Helena. Her video interviews on Montana Gazette Radio can be accessed below.


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