Video: Montana Conservatives Discuss Big Tech Censorship on National Program


Montana conservatives leading the way in alternative media, Jordan Hall and Jim White of Montana Daily Gazette and Tim Ravndal of Conservatives News From Montana, appeared on national radio program, Connecting the Dots. Connecting the Dots is hosted by another Montana conservative, Dan Happel.

You can watch the video below.

Time Stamps:

3.45 – MDG Publisher, Jordan Hall, discusses “Epistemological Capitalism” and the success of the Montana Daily Gazette. Here, he also leads into the topic of Big Tech censorship and how social media is making it harder for Montanans to get their quality news.

15.00 – MDG Publisher, Jordan Hall, explains that all news sources are biased. As an example, he uses the “transgender” bills being covered in Montana’s legacy press which presume that “transgenderism” exists when, in fact, it does not. Bills aren’t discrminating against “transgender athletes” but merely forbidding boys from playing girl sports.

21.00 – MDG Publisher, Jordan Hall, explains that facts are a matter of objective reality. A man who cuts off his genitalia is not suddenly a woman. A conversation about “hate speech” progresses, and how truth is characterized as hate.

34:10 – Tim Ravndal discusses the current media climate and the need for alternative news. Ravndal has been in the alternative news and activism business for many years, with many stories to tell.

49:12 – MDG Editor, Jim White, gives his own insight into Big Tech censorship and the necessity for conservatives to fight dilligently for news without bias. White has broken many big stories for state conservatives, and discusses the changing climate of news.

1:00.15 – MDG Publisher, Jordan Hall, explains the challenge of getting Montana Republicans to understand the necessity of fighting back against censorship. He also explains the dangers of a monopoly and why it’s prudent and reasonable to regulate Big Tech monopolies.


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