Black Radicals Commandeer 200 Acres in Colorado to Build Paramilitary Base


[Scott Boyd] A recently formed group of far-left radicals have claimed 200 acres of land somewhere in Colorado. It is unclear if they are occupying the land in similar fashion to Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) last year or if they’ve acquired the land through legal means. Either way, it appears they’re moving in and raising money to build their city.

The Black Hammer organization, as they call themselves, has been posting videos and images from the mountainous land that they claim to have “liberated” in some form or fashion. As self-proclaimed anti-colonizers, it seems likely they have simply claimed the land rather than having gone through a legal purchase, but there’s no indication on their website or Facebook page about how the land was acquired. We do know they are attempting to raise $500,000 to build earthbag houses and other buildings for their new city. As Andy Ngo reported…

“A group called Black Hammer has allegedly acquired 200 acres of land in Colorado to create an ethno, communist state for black & brown people. They’re currently trying to raise $500k on @gofundme. They say they will burn Anne Frank’s writings to keep warm. #BLM #AutonomousZone”

The group’s goals include helping “colonized” people have a home of their own. By “colonized,” they appear to be referring to persons of color only, with Caucasians, Jews, and possibly even Asian-Americans being the “colonizers.” Again, it’s not clear from their posting what they mean. Are they trying to build an anarcho-communist territory or a totalitarian safe space? At this point, it’s all unclear.

What is definitely clear is that they’re not affiliated with any of the larger Neo-Marxist groups. They have some sort of grudge match going with Antifa which prompted this video:

They also posted an anti-Semitic rant about hating Anne Frank.

Do they sound like a communist group? Perhaps a mini-Neo-Marxist offshoot? No. Apparently, Karl Marx is considered to be a colonizer as well and therefore is also one of their enemies.

It’s apparently very difficult to get a read on their base ideology other than hating White people and pretty much anyone who is on the right or left. That doesn’t leave many potential allies, but with 200 acres one would think they couldn’t fit a lot of allies in their city anyway. As Louder with Crowder reports:

There’s a good chance this is an elaborate troll job. Tweet a picture of some Zoomers on a hike, set up a Facebook page, and say “Hey, look at us! We’re anti-colonizers! Who are … colonizing.” Unfortunately, it has to be taken seriously, since seceding from the United States is the freshest new trend in commie couture. We also have a president who is a sock puppet for the radical left and will sign anything you put in front of him. They’ll tell Biden he’s signing a resolution to make Bea Arthur’s birthday a national holiday. When he really just sold Colorado for $19.95. It’s the United States of T’Challa now!

Crowder went on, “Unclear from this tweet is what “liberating 200 acres” means. It could mean they overthrew the park police with Nerf pistols. Maybe they were camping, got too high to remember where they are, and said ‘f*ck it, this is our home now.’ Or maybe they dipped into their trust funds and ‘liberated’ the land with a capitalist financial transaction. Game respect game there. Though it will be fun to watch them try to create a society. Watch one of them declare himself leader. Then watch the others liberate themselves from this guy. None of these autonomous zoners ever appear to be very bright, is what I’m saying.”

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Scott Boyd and first published at Conservative Playbook]


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  1. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to put skills to a use other than shooting steel. Let’s meet up and start eradicating the really old fashioned way.


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