Liberals Claim They’re Leaving Montana After Conservative “Take-Over”


Montana has never been a liberal place, save for a few tiny blue dots in the western part of the state comprising the towns of Helena, Bozeman, and Missoula. In actuality, it’s quite amazing that the blueness of those areas don’t bleed very much into the counties, either (probably because liberals are afraid of bears or rednecks or something). But this reality hasn’t stopped some leftists from promising to leave the state after conservatives swept the 2020 elections and had a fairly successful legislative session.

KMPT Patriot Radio in Missoula pointed out that a twitter feed for The Montana Book Company contained a now-deleted tweet claiming that its customers were fleeing the state because liberals aren’t getting their way lately.

The Montana Book Company, according to KMPT, claims to be an “LGBTQ owned, indie bookstore. Left leaning, inclusive, activist, community oriented shop.” It has 713 Twitter followers, which probably corresponds to its miniscule marketshare. Frankly, the shop seems reminscent of Women and Women First, the bookstore in the sketch comedy show, Portlandia, owned by characters Candace Devereaux and Toni Rose. And yes, they’re angry at conservatives.

The tweet claimed that at least three of their customers showed up before 1PM and all independently claimed to be moving out of the state because of the policies of Republican Governor Greg Gianforte and bills passed by the state legislature, dominated by the GOP.

Apparently, the responses received on Twitter were a tad overwhelming, and the gay bookstore deleted it before complaining, “Haven’t all the conservatives moved over to Parler?”

The news might be good for Montana if California transplants re-transplant themselves back to So-Cal or Spokane or Portland refugees repatriate themselves back to the left coast. But considering the “I’m going to move away” thing is a tired old cliche’ for liberals, it probably won’t happen. There’s a long list of celebrities who promised in totes seriousness they would move to Canada when Trump (and Bush, before him) won election and they’re still here.

After all, what are the odds that Missoula’s rent-a-scooters can make it that far, or that there are enough electric vehicle recharging stations to get the liberals past the state line? In reality, it seems that the only people who have really become political evacuees are conservatives, who have fled California in recent years for the states of Texas, Tennessee, and Florida, all of whom are experiencing population booms thanks to liberal West Coast policies.

But if leftists do want to move out of Montana, they should just reach out for help. Conservatives will help pack their bags.

Read the original post on this subject, here. And HT Aaron Flint.


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