Butte-Silver Bow Residents Being Bribed With Cash to Take Experimental Drugs


Montana’s largest chain of gas stations, Town Pump, has matched 500k of CARES Act funds to bribe the residents of Silver Bow County (home of Butte, Montana) to inject themselves with the COVID-19 vaccines. Nations ranging from Canada to Germany have put strict limits on who can vaccinate with the experimental and untested vaccines due to evident negative health consequences. Despite the FDA releasing the vaccines without any of the usual 2-year program of testing to ensure their safety, federal money is still being used to bribe people to serve as test subjects for a vaccine designed to protect people from a virus that doesn’t kill healthy people.

The bribery plan, approved by Silver Bow county commissioners, will create a weekly cash drawing from names of those who have received their COVID-19 vaccinations.

County Chief Executive JP Gallagher says he hopes the bribery scheme will help bring in 18-35 year-old Montanans for vaccinations, despite this age group being almost altogether immune from symptoms. To date, the number of healthy Montanans in this age bracket who have died from COVID-19 is zero.

Nonetheless, Gallagher said, “Those seem to be the most resistant because their health is generally a little better than people a little bit older and so they don’t feel like that they’re as at risk as others,” said Gallagher.

A Romanist practitioner of Priestcraft named “Father” Patrick Beretta, claimed that churches spread “misinformation” about medical treatments during the 1918 pandemic (which was an actual pandemic) and so he wanted to be part of the solution, rather than the problem.

Beretta said, “This time around I wanted our congregation to really be part of the solution, to collaborate, to cooperate with the authorities in being a force for good and trying to keep people safe and well.”

According to Beretta and the local “health experts,” only 40% of Butte residents have been vaccinated, but 70% need to be vaccinated to reach herd immunity. Meanwhile, virtually no one is dying of the virus. Nonetheless, Beretta said, “It’s now time to pivot to motivate people, persuade people who have been a little bit on the fence to get vaccinated. 

Of course, if COVID-19 was an honest-to-goodness pandemic-level health crisis, people would not have to be bribed to be vaccinated. But, that’s where we’re at right now…bribing people to take untested drugs in the name of public health.

Beretta was chosen by Governor Greg Gianforte to be on his COVID-19 task-force, along with numerous CEOs and former CEOs or lobbyists of Big Pharma and vaccine manufacturers (see below).


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