HERO: Gianforte Signs Bill Protecting Girls’ Sports


In Montana, we have a tendency in our folksy, down-to-earth ways, to determine the difference between boys and girls. Perhaps it’s because so many of us have grown up on or near a ranch, but we’re able to tell a heifer from a bull. Likewise, we understand that gender is biological. That being said, it only makes sense that girls should play in sporting events exclusively designed for girls.

Liberals differ, believing that there is a third category of gender known as “transgender” that is determined not by biology, but by imagination and preference. But thanks to Rep. John Fuller, who sponsored the bill, and Governor Gianforte, who signed the bill, girls will be protected in the Big Sky State from boys desiring to beat them in competition with their genetically-male edge.

Defending his bill, Fuller said, “allowing males to compete as women in female sports will result in women once again being shouldered aside to stand below the awards podium and forced to cheer the accomplishments of men.”

Leftists, on the other hand, claim that Republicans are “discriminating against transgender athletes.” A Fake News outlet known as the Flathead Beacon ran an article from the Associated Press claiming, “Montana Governor Signs Bill Targeting Transgender Athletes.”

The Associated Press, and the rest of Montana’s liberal legacy press, continues to push the bizarre conspiracy theory that “transgender” is a gender category and that somehow, in some way, preventing boys from pretending to be girls to enroll in girls’ sports is innate bigotry.

The only bigots, of course, are the LGBTQ lobby and their willling accomplices in the press who are inherently anti-woman, desiring that men be able to appropriate their gender and commandeer their activities. Wanting men to dominate women is the LGBTQ mission, but Montana Republicans aren’t having it.

Standing against Gianforte and his towering common sense are the state’s blue-dot leftists and the NCAA, which threatened to revoke opportunities for the state’s two public universities from hosting NCAA sporting tournaments. It appears that Republicans are willing to put women before corporate profits.

Twenty or so states have already enacted such bans, but Republican governors in both Arkansas and nearby South Dakota have vetoed the bans. Some Republicans were sweating whether or not Gianforte would side with science and women, considering he publicly stated his indecision on signing the bill only days ago, stating that he had heard from “transgender athletes” and “transgender parents” on the subject.

It turns out, Gianforte did the right thing.

The governor didn’t spike the football with a public bill signing, however. This marked a noted difference between how he has signed other bills this legislative session, usually as a photo-opp with the bill sponsors and his supporters. This bill, Gianforte signed in dark, no doubt keeping his head low while expecting untold amounts of criticism from out-of-state interests.

Alex Rate, legal director for the Montana ACLU promises a court challenge, stating, “Somebody has to put themselves out there as a lead plaintiff in a high profile case to get these laws declared unconstitutional, and it’s unfortunate that the legislature is requiring somebody to do that.”

Of course, there’s nothing unconstitutional about requiring boys to compete in boys’ sports. This won’t stop the ACLU or another LGBTQXYZ organization from suing the state, but it’s presumed that Montana Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, is capable for the fight. There is some realistic concern, however, that Montana’s Democrat-led judiciary will attempt to overturn the bill no matter what.

Commenters at the Montana Human Rights Network were not impressed (see below).

Rejecting the superstition of “transgenderism” is not a religious agenda, as the first commenter wrote, but a scientific one. Transgenderism does not exist. But believing in transgenderism requires embracing the religious idea that an interior self – or soul – exists, which is a different gender (somehow) from the external body. Rejecting transgenderism is a belief born in the importance of science.


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