Animal Rights Activists Blamed for Bomb Threat At Sportsmen’s Event in Dillon, Montana


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Someone who was not the least be excited about the Montana Trappers Association called in a bomb threat to their banquet on Saturday evening at the Frontier Events Center. Reportedly, the bomb threat did not go directly to the Dillon Police Department but was relayed to them about 8PM. The Federal Bureau of Investigations has offered to help find the suspect.

According to longtime public servant and freshman Public Service Commissioner, Jennifer Fielder, “[A bomb] threat caused evacuation of what was a very nice, family friendly sportsmen’s banquet in Dillon, MT tonight.”

Fielder then added on her Facebook post, “As a result, I am going to DOUBLE my DONATION to the MONTANA TRAPPERS ASSOCIATION (the group of good folks who organized and hosted what was an awesome event), and I encourage ALL of YOU to DONATE too!”

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You can see a video of the evacuation below.

Fielder added, “Liberal animal rights activists are undoubtedly behind this threat to murder the entire audience which included old folks, women, and children. It’s 38 degrees outside and getting pretty cold for all the people not dressed for the outdoors tonight. Authorities have the parking lot and building locked down so people can not get to their cars and leave or retrieve jackets.”

Not to be deterred, however, a local church that also uses the facility gave the attendees the space to continue the banquet on Sunday.

Church services, where the trapping event was held
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Fielder added an update, “‘When the world is at its darkest, Christ shines His brightest.’ After a bomb threat shut down the Montana Trappers Association banquet last night, an anonymous donor gave the Trappers a $10,000 grant, and a local church that was scheduled to use the same building this morning decided to share the space and help the Trappers resume their event today.”

Reportedly, the church donated the Sunday’s offerings to the Trapper’s Association. The goal of the group is to “develop and maintain the public image of trapping as a legitimate, desirable, and compatible enterprise of modern man.”


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  1. It was likely Qanon disguised as an animal activist, trying to make them look bad.
    Animal advocates are not violent people even though they object to the violence meted out to wildlife caught in traps and snares.
    I don’t believe there was any legitimacy to this threat.


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