Havre Daily News Gives Fake-News Version of Commissioner Pinocci’s Talk at Pachyderm Group


Public Service Commissioner, Randy Pinocci, recently spoke to the North Central Pachyderms in Havre. The organization, like other pachyderm groups (named after the taxonomic mammal category that includes elephants) around the state, are groups aimed at educating one another and the public on important political matter, usually from a conservative perspective.

Covering Pinocci’s talk, which included Big Tech Censorship and energy issues, was the Havre Daily News.

The newspaper is owned by out-of-state progressives, who also operate the left-of-center Sun-Telegraph in Sidney, Nebraska. In Montana, they also own the Glasgow Courier, the Silver State Post in Deer Lodge and Philipsburg Mail. The newspaper has been liberal-owned for quite some time, previously owned by Pioneer Newspapers, which had owned the Bozeman Chronicle and other publications that are currently death-spiraling because their progressive publications don’t resonate with Montana’s conservative news consumers.

The current circulation of the Havre Daily News, which is dying like the rest of Montana’s legacy press, is currently 3,500. Or in other words, it’s about one-tenth the daily readership of the Montana Daily Gazette.

The bias of the Havre Daily News was evident from the beginning of the article, making the editorial decision to employ the use of scare-quotes around the term tech censorship. As America’s information consumers readily understand, the use of scare quotes implies that something doesn’t exist (for example, the Montana Daily Gazette’s editorial policy to use scare quotes when discussing “transgenderism”).

The Havre Daily News then chose to side with the narrative presented by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple, Amazon and other Big Tech communications utilities, claiming that their “third party factcheckers” are merely trying to stop the spread of “misinformation” (see below).

These media companies have banned tens of thousands of Montanans, no doubt many readers of the Havre Daily News, for providing commentary or opinions that differ from that of the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, or Dr. Anthony Fauci. They have also banned myriads of their utility users for suggesting that unexplained anomalies existed in the 2020 presidential elections (these anomalies indeed exist and are currently still being audited in places like Arizona).

Meanwhile, in several fell swoops, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have banned hundreds of thousands of conservatives, pro-lifers, and Republicans on several single-day periods during and immediately following the presidential election. Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed across the nation against Big Tech utilities for viewpoint discrimination, dozens of states attorneys general have filed lawsuits against Big Tech for monopolistic and discriminatory practices (including Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen) and a dozen or so states have drafted laws to provide a means of due process for customers to issue formal complaints against Big Tech utilities for censorship.

At this point, any publication that hasn’t been “fact-checked” by Big Tech hasn’t been guilty of publishing real news.

With dripping pseudo-journalistic bias, the Havre newspaper reported, “He also implied that Christians’ speech was being suppressed but provided no evidence to back this claim.”

Meanwhile, the largest pro-life website in the world, a Roman Catholic-owned publication called LifeSite News, was banned from Facebook for reporting accurately on the words and warnings of Phizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson vaccine manufacturers regarding their possible side-effects. Nations around the world, including Canada and Germany, have stopped certain vaccinations for those under 60 because of those warnings. The United States has ordered millions of Johnson and Johnson vaccines destroyed because they were tainted with deadly consequences, and most counties in Montana have stopped administering those vaccines. The New England Journal of Medicine reported only two weeks ago that the vaccines are causing miscarriages in pregnant women, and other award-winning epidemiologists claim that the unvaccinated women may have miscarriages from having contact with those who are vaccinated.

Despite a plethora of empirical evidence, the Havre Daily News reported Pinocci’s words as though he was speaking out of turn.

The bias continued throughout the article. Citing a Democrat critic of Pinocci, the paper said, “Randy Pinocci is incompetent and fundamentally misunderstands his job as a Public Service Commissioner. The core purpose of Randy Pinocci’s job on the PSC is to regulate NorthWestern Energy, and approve or deny their requests to increase rates on utility payers.”

The biased newspaper did not report that all five of the Public Service Commissioners stood united with Pinocci. Instead, it chose to single out Pinocci.

The paper reported, “During the meeting, Pinocci passed out articles from the Montana Daily Gazette, a conservative blog that has been criticized as faux news, as well as the Epoch Times, a far-right publication that has pushed a number of widely-discredited conspiracy theories and has been banned from most social media platforms for that reason. He touted the former as a more honest account of his work.”

For clarification, the Montana Daily Gazette has only been accused of being “faux news” by The Montana Post, a now-defunct and out-of-business political blog run by former Democrat gubernatorial candidate and Marxist, Don Pogreba. The claim from Pogreba was later re-run in The Missoula Current, an online blog for liberal readers.

The Montana Daily Gazette, unlike the Havre Daily News, is credentialed with the Montana State Capitol and a member of numerous news credentialing services. Our stories have repeatedly been covered in the national media and cited from coast-to-coast, an honor that cannot be said for the Havre Daily News.

The Epoch Times, which Havre Daily News suggests deserves being censored, is a quickly growing news source with impeccable journalistic standards. It is owned by the Falun Gong, Chinese expatriates that have fled the Communist regime because of censorship and persecution (the Epoch Times reports regularly on Communist China and has a notable pro-capitalist perspective). Claiming that the Epoch Times deserves censorship is the height of racial insensitivity for this persecuted ethnic minority.

The Havre newspaper then repeated the claims of the Biden Administration that there is no significant evidence of election fraud or election tampering. It is notable that the Havre newspaper did not find it necessary to “correct” the claims of Hillary Clinton or the Democatic National Convention who claimed that Russians “hacked the election” from 2016 to 2020.

The rest of the publication’s display of yellow journalism was replete with nitpicking the comments of Commissioner Pinocci in a thinly disguised veil of disgust toward his opinion of their lack of journalistic integrity. From this article alone, Commissioner Pinocci’s concerns seem well validated.

Upon seeing the strong liberal bias in this article, the Montana Daily Gazette reached out to Commissioner Pinocci for a response. He indicated that the Public Service Commission will respond to their biased claims and added, “This is why people don’t trust newspapers anymore. Thankfully, there are alternatives.”


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