As Russians Attack Our Fuel Supply, Biden Says It’s Not His Problem


Foreign terrorists in Russia have cyber-attacked a vital petroleum pipeline in the Eastern United States, making gas scarce or non-existent in several states. In total, 17 states and Washington D.C. have declared a state of emergency over the fuel shortage. The Colonial Pipeline is responsible for delivering 45% of the East Coast’s gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. It’s still off-line, and many stations on the Eastern seaboard are completely out of fuel. Nonetheless, Biden says that it’s not his problem.

Days passed after the terrorist attack before Biden addressed them at all. As America was under attack and our most essential infrastructure was crumbling, Biden went days without addressing the American people on the subject. Instead, Biden was busy making climate change pronouncements, enthralled with the performance of Interior Secretary, Deb Halaand, who has been systematically shutting down America’s energy industry through executive orders.

The scene has been surreal. As America’s energy infrastructure was being attacked, Biden was too busy shutting down America’s energy infrastructure himself to stop and comment on Russia’s terrorist activities against the United States. The Russian hackers and the U.S. president seemed to be working in tandem to keep gasoline from getting to the pumps that run America’s trucking industry and keeps America fed.

Finally responding to the attacks on Monday, Biden merely told the press that he had “been briefed.”

Where was the U.S. President amidst a terrorist attack? Why was he not commenting? Why was the Biden Administration not offering help or assistance to the pipeline or to the governors declaring states of emergency? These questions have yet to be fully answered.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has claimed that a Russian hacker group named DarkSide is responsible for the attack. Conveniently, DarkSide has taken credit for the attack on their website. The group stated, “We are apolitical, we do not participate in geopolitics, do not need to tie us with a defined government and look for our motives. Our goal is to make money, and not creating problems for society.”

The terrorist organization engages in “ransomeware” production, taking a company’s services offline until they pay a ransom.

In an unbelievable display of derilection of duty, the Biden Administration now claims that terrorism is Colonial Pipeline’s problem, and that the United States won’t intervene in the ‘relationship’ between the cyber-terrorists and American businesses.

Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technologies, Anne Neuberger, said that whether or not Colonial Pipeline pays off the terrorists to leave them alone is their decision and the White House will stay out of it (see below).

This marks a stark contrast between the Biden Administration and every U.S President who has seen it as their role to protect American businesses from terrorism. Since at least 1801 when Thomas Jefferson waged war against four North African states engaging in piracy against U.S. merchant ships. Called the “Barbary Wars,” Jefferson refused to pay the ransom of the African pirates and instead, summarily killed them. Jefferson sent eight U.S. marines and a mercenary army of 500 in a march across the desert to free hostages and dispatch our enemies.

In fact, the above account is the first time the American flag was risen on foreign soil, and it’s where the line, “the shores of Tripoli,” in the famous Marines hymn. Fast forward, and terrorists are holding America’s oil supply ransom, and Joe Biden’s administration has clearly and explicitly said the ransom is our problem to deal with, and not his.


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