Montana’s Newspapers Continue to Report Fake News on ‘Transgender’ Controversy


If “transgenderism” exists, then it is absolutely, objectively true that Republican legislators – along with Governor Greg Gianforte – are guilty of discriminating against a unique minority group for passing HB112. However, if “transgenderism” does not exist, then Republicans are only guilty of keeping boys and men out of sports leagues designed for girls and women. So, which is it?

If truth is objective and science matters, then “transgenderism” does not exist. While it is reported that .06% of the American population identifies as “transgender” – a designation that the American Psychiatric Association and DSM-V designate as a mental health disorder – no one in the history of mankind has ever transitioned their gender. Scientifically, it’s an impossibility.

Gender has, since the inception of language, been synonymous with sex. Although the LGBTQ confusionists refer to something called “biological sex,” the term is redundant. There is only one kind of sex (as it relates to gender designation), and it is, by definition, biological. While textbooks were widely changed in the last decade or so to make distinctions between sex and gender, such changes are not wrought in science or medicine but are superstitious and religious in nature. That an “inside person” who is separate from the physical body (as though a male soul could be inside a female body or vice versa) exists at all is a fundamentally religious concept and not a scientific one.

Although human sexuality is best made obvious by typical external features, ranging from a penis to an laryngeal prominence in their throat (for men) or breasts and feminine bone structure (for women), gender is not skin deep. It’s chromosomal. A man is a man, or a woman a woman, not based upon their external features or hormone levels, but based upon whether or not they sport an X or XY chromosome in their DNA. That has never been changed.

For example, if Bruce Jenner left his DNA at a crime scene, the LAPD would be searching for a man, and not a woman. This is how reality works.

While .06% of the population claims to be the wrong gender, many mentally deranged Americans also believe they are the wrong species (trans-speciesism, also known as being “otherkin“), some believe that they are of the wrong ethnicity (trans-racialism), and some believe they are the wrong age (trans-ageism or “Peter Pan Syndrome“). In fact, some Americans believe they have bodily limbs that do not belong and that they are, “on the inside,” disabled (trans-ableism).

Transpeciesists demand being treated as elves, aliens, or in some cases, animals. Trans-racialists insist on being treated as a different ethnicity, most famously, Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who ran a chapter of the NAACP, convinced that she was black. Transageists have tried to get out of pedophilia charges, claiming that they were actually minors (on the inside).

Joseph Gobrick (above) even likened his prosecution to the horrors of Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp. According to Gobrick, the government was persecuting and unfairly targeting trans-ageists who – on the inside – are far younger and therefore, not adults preying upon children.

This person is perfectly health and can walk just fine.

Trans-ableists, who believe they have too many limbs or believe their ‘spirits’ are disabled, have been paying doctors to cut off perfectly good arms and legs, or in some cases, plucking out their eyes. Alexandre Baril, an academic from Quebec, claimed at the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Ottowa, “We define transability as the desire or the need for a person identified as able-bodied by other people to transform his or her body to obtain a physical impairment.”

Some of these individuals, like the one pictured to the left, confine their perfectly capable bodies to wheelchairs, collect disability payments, and demand handicap parking.

The reason we know that a human is not an elf or dog, that a white woman is not a black woman, that a man is not a child, and that a perfectly abled person is not a parapalegic, is because science tells us otherwise. And science matters.

As the Montana legacy press reports fraudulently about transgenderism, the Montana Daily Gazette is committed to a science-first approach to reason, intellectualism, and objective reality. In our best effort, we will continue to correct our news competitors’ flawed articles and will exort them to write factual news, without liberal bias.

Earlier today, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle showed their contempt for science and reality in their article about Gianforte signing HB112, preventing boys from competing in girl’s sports. We’ve corrected it for them (below).


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