NorthWestern Energy Promotes Vaccines in Latest Energy Bill Insert


NorthWestern Energy (Nasdaq: NWE) is an investor-owned, publicly-traded utility company that serves 3 states, including Montana, which has almost 75% of its land area serviced by them. Although NW Energy is a private company, in Montana they are regulated by the Public Service Commission.

As is the case with all utility companies serving the public directly, NW Energy sends a paper bill through the US Mail each month for customers who have not opted out of paper for the more modern electronic method of invoicing. Often, there is an additional folded document accompanying the utility bill that will promote different programs and events sponsored by NW Energy or its partners.

Normally all of this goes off without a hitch, until now.

A Montana Daily Gazette reader recently sent a photo of the latest insert from NW Energy, and the information contained therein was mildly disturbing. It now seems that NW Energy has joined a multitude of other corporations that are promoting the Covid-19 Vaccine.

The problems with the insert promoting the vaccine are two-fold. One, why is a public utility company doing anything related to health care or health-related activities? Secondly, the vaccines are still considered experimental by many, couple that with the fact that the vaccine manufacturers have zero liability, and you have a situation that could end badly for many NW Energy customers.

When reached for comment about the vaccine-promoting insert, Public Service Commissioner Randy Pinocci stated that he has already received a complaint by a utility customer, which Pinocci referred to his Utility Consumer Complaint Department for further review. You can log your own complaint or concern with that same agency by calling 800.646.6150.

Commissioner Pinocci also had questions about who paid for the insert to be printed? Was it the utility customer? Lastly, Pinocci paid his staff a compliment by stating that they have been doing a superb job handling complaints and concerns despite the many challenges they have faced over the last year.

As more and more companies become “woke,” more and more pressure will be applied to the unvaccinated. Of course, that begs the question of whatever happened to my body, my choice?


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  1. Add Spectrum to this list, got one via email. Replied back, saying Spectrum is my internet provider, Not My Physician!


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