Op-Ed: The Case for Montana’s Secession


[Lyman Bishop] The future of the United States, and the world as a whole, is one of darkness and desperation. As is so often the case, God raises up a nation only to watch the people fall into sin and depravity bringing about the inevitable fall of that civilization. It is however true that in every case, God preserves a remnant of his people, drawn from the faithful and repentant.

I believe that the situation we now face as a nation is representative of the time in which we live. Our rise and power is unprecedented, as will be our fall. Sadly, the fall of America will usher in an era of darkness unseen in human history. Global tyranny and oppression will be unleashed on a scale never imagined. We are, in every sense, falling headlong into the End Times, and with it the Great Tribulation.

There is however hope. A way of escape for those bold enough and wise enough to recognize, understand and react appropriately to the situation we now face. The endless printing of fiat money will, without question, collapse our economy and our currency. Millions will face destitution with no hope of sustenance other than complete dependence on, and obedience to, the tyrannical state. If we are wise enough to understand this, we may be bold enough to address the problem before it consumes us.

Only by enforcing our State Constitution, the legally binding agreement by which we joined the Union, and establishing our sovereignty, do we stand any chance of maintaining any portion of the Republic. Article II Section 2 of the Montana State Constitution gives us that right, legally and without question.





Section 2. Self-government. The people have the exclusive right of governing themselves as a free, sovereign, and independent state. They may alter or abolish the constitution and form of government whenever they deem it necessary.

Now is the hour of opportunity. A short window in which we can preserve our way of life. In defiance of tyranny, to honor our children and those who fought to establish this great state, it is our right and our duty to take back control of our State and our destiny.

I believe it is Gods will preserve the people of Montana as his remnant. I also believe that Gods will involves the preservation of a much larger remnant, but sadly, as is so often the case, many are called but few are chosen. Only by acting in faith, humility and repentance can we hope to gain the favor of the Lord and to be preserved accordingly.

I urge you to consider the above with an open mind. Look closely at the options which lay before us. Recognize where you are in history. Those that prove themselves in the times ahead will take part in something so amazing and so powerful that it is an honor to even have the opportunity.

[Editor’s Note: This op-ed was provided by Montana businessman and former gubernatorial candidate, Lyman Bishop]


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