You Only Have 72 Hours to Get Real News Before Big Tech Deletes It. Here’s How to Get Around Them.


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Last summer, Montana Daily Gazette reported – accurately and factually – that suspects being arrested for setting wildfires in the Rocky Mountain West were Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists. The facts were inarguable and uncontrovertible. Using police reports from various arrest records of arsonists, we cross-referenced them with the suspects’ social media, showing that they were indeed participants and in some cases, leaders, in various race riots around the country.

Within 24 hours, our reports went viral in Montana. Within 48 hours, they went viral nationally. Within 72 hours, they had all been either expunged from social media or slandered by Facebook’s “fact-checkers” as false, despite the fact they were demonstrably true.

We have seen this happen over and over again. Whether it’s reporting on voting irregularities in the Big Steal, or reporting accurate information from frontline doctors about COVID-19, there is a 72 hour window in which news consumers can get accurate information before Big Tech starts shoving that information down the memory hole.

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Sure, it’s nothing that the Bozeman Chronicle, Missoulian, or the Billings Gazette has to worry about. They only report news that has been approved by Big Tech gatekeepers. But you, you wise and savvy citzens, want real news.

So how do you get around Big Tech to get the news within that 72-hour window (or beyond)? You have to act fast, spend several hours a day researching obscure local news stories, and scouring social media for news before it breaks – and before it can be censored. Be prepared to spend several hours a day going through the news with a sieve to get real news. Simple!

Do you have time for that? You probably don’t, because unlike professional protestors turning our inner cities into dumpster fires, you have a job. But the good news is, Gideon Knox Group also has a job, and it just so happens our job is getting you the news.

Each day, the Gideon Knox news team does hours of reseach to find the news stories being banned, blocked, blacklisted, and boycotted by Big Tech and sends it directly to your email. All you have to do is click on your daily email, open it up, and scroll through the headlines and click on what interests you.

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Bam! It’s that simple!

The Insurgency email blasts are free three days a week to anyone who is interested to receive it. We never have ads, will not sell or give away your email address to anyone, and won’t hassle you with unnecessary spam. You are never obligated to subscribe to the six-day version, we do not ask or need your credit card info, and will not bombard your inbox with stuff you don’t want.

If you want the six-day version, it’s only $7 a month if you subscribe at Substack – our email service – or only $5.95 if you subscribe to Polemics Report (our podcast) on Patreon.

To subscribe via Substack (for the free version or paid version), click here. To subscribe via Patreon, click here. Defeat Big Tech and subscribe to The Insurgency today.


Bringing you conservative news and commentary means it is tough out there on social media. We’re constantly getting kneecapped and constrained by tech companies who find the truth intolerable, resulting in our reach being severely throttled.

For this reason, please consider supporting us directly. If you like what you are reading and desire to to see more, please support our work here.

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