Factcheck: Are Montana Schools Running ‘Vaccine Clinics’ that Circumvent Parental Consent?


Various Facebook groups run by Montana conservatives have asked the question if Montana schools – particularly, in Gallatin County – are running vaccine clinics that do not require parental consent. The question is if (A) schools are hosting such clinics and (B) if merely sending your child to school that day is considered parental consent.

Montana Daily Gazette researched this matter and determined that – so far as we can tell- some schools are hosting COVID-19 vaccine clinics (much like they do for the season flu) but that parents are required to either attend or send a permission slip for their child to receive the vaccine.

Reaching out to nearly a dozen county health departments yesterday, we determined that most public schools in Montana are not offering vaccine clinics, but some – for example, in Gallatin County – are. Some counties, particularly in Eastern Montana, aren’t even offering the vaccine yet to minors. No one, so far as we can tell, is offering the vaccine to those under 16 years of age.*

[Editor’s Note: As we will soon reveal, at least one Montana school board insists, wrongly, that they should be vaccinating kids 12 and up, but they are not yet doing so]

While it is certainly believeable that the school districts in the state’s blue dots of Helena, Bozeman, or Missoula might be inclined to put kids into a vaccination line with the flimsiest of excuses for parental notification, it does not appear to be a reality.

In Gallatin County, the health department that will be run only until June by Matt Kelley – who took a new job with a Big Pharma think-tank pushing forced vaccinations, funded by Johnson and Johnson – such clinics require parents to be present when their child (16 and up) is poked with the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Second doses will be given after the school year is over.

See the screenshot below.

The status update, placed by the Gallatin County Health Department, says, “Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.”

While we do not doubt that an immense amount of pressure is being placed upon parents to vaccinate their children on behalf of some schools, we have to rate this concern as false until further evidence demonstrates otherwise.


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