Factcheck: Can COVID-19 Vaccinated People Make Non-Vaccinated People Sick? Absolutely.


Can the non-vaccinated get COVID-19 from the vaccinated? That’s unlikely. But can they get the side effects from vaccinated people? You bet they can.

The idea that vaccine shedding will make those who get vaccinated for COVID-19 spread illness to those who are not vaccinated is called a “conspiracy theory” by Big Tech’s Third Party fact-checkers. However, a bombshell report by one vaccine manufacturer admits that this is a likely outcome of the COVID-19 vaccine. While supposedly rare, it does happen. But don’t take our word for it…take Phizer’s.

The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help. – Ronald Reagan

Imagine the United States citizenry being told that a virus originating in China would kill millions of Americans and had a death rate of nearly 4%, when in reality its death rate is hovering around .04% and has only killed a handful of Americans in good health, under 70 years of age. When all is said and done, the virus would kill roughly the same amount of Americans as are killed each year by the seasonal flu. Now imagine an economy-wrecking shutdown of businesses and liberty-crushing shutdowns of churches, which started nationwide and have persisted in states led by Democrat governors to this very day.

Unfortunately, one doesn’t have to imagine this scenario; they just have to open their eyes and look around. Repeatedly, the myths perpetuated by Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, have led to myths compiled upon myths that burgeon on superstition. Masks do not, in fact, stop the spread of COVID-19. From sea to shining sea, we have controlled studies lived out in real-time between different states and counties that have ranged from full-on mask mandates complete with penalties of jail time and fines, to states and counties that haven’t required masks a single day during the pandemic. There is no indication – none, zero, zilch – that masking mitigates the spread of COVID-19 to any perceptible degree.

But worse than this, is the way that Democrat leaders have held America hostage with vaccinations, using the strong arm of the law to coerce, bribe, or shame Americans into injecting themselves with demonstrably dangerous (this is undeniable) and untested drugs to mitigate the danger of a mild cold virus. Americans have been told that vaccines are our “ticket to freedom,” which is weird because we thought that ticket was our American birth certificate and U.S. Constitution. However, the scenario has even gotten worse in recent days.

The best medical studies demonstrate that the typical side-effects of COVID-19 vaccinations (felt by roughly 80% who get the vaccine) are substantially worse than those who test positive for the virus (80% of those who test positive are asymptomatic, meaning that they wouldn’t know they even had the virus had they not been tested). For this reason, some nations have banned or throttled vaccinations for those in low-risk populations, meaning anyone under the age of 70 or, in some nations, 60 years of age.

However, many physicians and epidemiologists have warned that so-called vaccine shedding is not only a very real threat, but a reality when it comes to the three major vaccines used in the United States to stop COVID-19. The notion has caught on globally, with astronomical figures of anecdotal cases of non-vaccinated people being made ill by contact with those who have been vaccinated. In fact, some businesses in other countries are forbidding vaccinated people from entering, because they are perceived to be a health threat to those who have not been vaccinated.

Contrary to the “fact-checkers,” vaccine shedding is a very real and predictable consequence of some (but not all) vaccines. If you want to find out about vaccine shedding, don’t try to Google it. The Big Tech giant has deleted most, if not all search results explaining the medical phenomenon and plastered its top four search result pages with fact-check articles claiming that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe. In doing so, they have made it nearly impossible to independently research peer-reviewed medical journals about the subject of vaccine shedding, even if the articles are not in reference to COVID-19 at all.

Vaccine shedding, which is recognized worldwide as a possible consequence – and regularly occurring consequence – of vaccinations, is very real. The most notable occurrence of vaccine shedding was with the oral polio vaccine of the 1950s, in which countless people were made ill through shedding.

However, is vaccine shedding possible in a vaccine, like the COVID-19 vaccines, which are not “live-virus” vaccines that contain a weakened form of the germ that causes the virus to develop and grow into illness? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the commonly used COVID-19 vaccines do not contain the live virus, and therefore spreading the COVID-19 virus through vaccinations is impossible.

That fact is important, so that news consumers do not spread misinformation and run into the inevitible snare of Big Tech’s “fact-checking” gate keepers (not as though there’s any stopping it). However, the so-called “conspiracy theorists” – consisting of thousands in the healthcare industry – are not arguing that one can get COVID-19 from the vaccines. The concern is slightly more nuanced than that.

Rather, the broader concern – and a more realistic one – is that particulates that are present in the vaccines can shed through the skin from the vaccinated to unvaccinated individuals. Other physicians warn that skin-to-skin contact is not needed for shedding to occur, and may happen merely by breathing the same air – just as COVID-19 is ordinarily spread.

And unfortunately, the contents of the COVID-19 vaccines do indeed contain particulates that can cause people to get ill, just as the fine print in vaccination consent forms indicates. The side effects of the vaccine according to its manufacturers include fatigue, headaches, miscarriage, respiratory problems, dizziness, and even death. While the fact-checkers would rate that statement false because such side effects are rare, they do indeed happen and are warned about by the manufacturers themselves.

However, Phizer has now warned that vaccine shedding can indeed occur and while contracting COVID-19 is not a likely possibility, exhibiting symptoms far worse than most feel from the virus itself are a probability.

To see the statement from Phizer itself, click this link for a pdf. Or, click the image below.

The document explicitly warns, “An occupational exposure occurs when a person receives unplanned direct contact with a vaccine test subject, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an adverse event.”

It goes on, “These people may include health care providers, family members, and other people who are around the trial participant.”

Meanwhile, Phizer acknowledges that spontaneous miscarriage could be a consequence of the virus, and urges that reports be made directly to Phizer (see below).

Additionally, the report warns that shedding could occur between breastfeeding moms who have been vaccinated and their babies, who have not been. Please note that the vaccines have not been approved for infants.

As Montana Daily Gazette has previously reported, there is a multitude of first-hand accounts of non-vaccinated women suffering miscarriages after being in close contact with those who have been vaccinated. The data released by the vaccine manufacturers reluctantly admit this is a possibility while downplaying the odds. Meanwhile, “fact-checkers” are contradicting both the vaccine manufacturers and the testimonials from women who have suffered miscarriages at exponential rates.


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