Montana Parents Push Back Against Schools Hosting COVID-19 “Vaccine Clinics” of Untested Drugs


Many parents are worried that tyrannical measures are now being taken to install so-called “vaccine clinics” into schools throughout Montana, so as to add children to the list of test subjects taking the experimental drugs.

Gallatin County, Missoula, and Flathead County (School District 5) are all working at “breakneck speed” – according to reports in social media – to operate vaccine clinics in schools for kids aged 16-17, and most likely 12 to 16-year-olds.

Parents and concerned citizens are outraged.

One Montana parent wrote on Facebook, “These same schools statewide, Bozeman, Missoula, Kalispell, etc. haven’t let one parent into a classroom all year and now they think they’re going to set up clinics in these schools?”

Think again. The fight is on. Parents aren’t taking this lightly.

From the Flathead Valley, one parent reported in social media, “This is very, very concerning that Superintendent Hill (School District 5 Flathead County) has planned for an actual hospital to enter school grounds to do medical procedures without parent involvement! UNREAL and so not OK! What happens when the liability-free damages go on, and no one knows the root cause? So hospitals can now enter school grounds, but parents are still banned from inside classrooms?! Healthy low to no-risk children that are not informed of the dangers of experimental medication will be peer pressured to comply. The union garbage propaganda inside classrooms will be insanely heavy with the hospital sitting out front.”

Another parent added, “Parents decide where to bring their child for healthcare and NOT abusive school Superintendents!”

Yet another parent said, “Back when I went to school, they had to call home for consent just to dispense a Tylenol.”

[Editor’s Note: The Montana Daily Gazette posted an article earlier today, stating that our research has not uncovered a school doing vaccine clinics without parental consent. Please notify Montana Daily Gazette if you find out otherwise]

“This illegal, unconstitutional stuff isn’t even happening in most blue states yet! What is going on here? Hill casually acts like yeah, it’s all planned to ‘help’ families,” said another.

There seems to be a great deal of dangerous misinformation on the part of school boards. In a video of the meeting (linked below) Rebecca Linden of School District V in Kalispell (recently re-elected as school board trustee) gave a terrible conspiracy that contradicts the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the video, Linden claims that the Food and Drug Administration has approved the COVID-19 vaccines for 12 to 16-year-olds.

That claim is spurious and requires clarification.

While the Food and Drug Administration did make a statement on May 10, endorsing the use the vaccine for those 12 and up (previously, it was for those 16 and up), it has not been “approved” as such approvals conventionally occur through the FDA. It is still only allowable under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which is specifically for experimental testing.

An online survey is currently being conducted by local Flathead residents and proving that more than 80% of parents do NOT want such vaccination clinics in schools.

This is not being promoted through the Health Dept. in Flathead County but rather through Kalispell Regional Medical Center, who will then be the “hosts” to vaccinate school students on site.

Listen to School District 5 meeting below…

Missoula parents were not happy with the rumors either, stating, “Bribing Junior High and High School students to get the vaccine! Way to go, teacher’s union.”

Making the comment was Rep. Jennifer Carlson, who helped to spearhead a bill preventing discrimination based upon vaccine status.

Carlson said, “This needs to stop. If you see it happening in your school district, let them know it is not ok. And then call the numbers below and let them know that private medical decisions have no place in our schools.”

Meanwhile, some schools are treating vaccinated students prejudicially, offering them to get out of quarantine (a “get out of jail free” card, essentially), chances to win prizes, enrollment for scholarships, and awards for lining up for their doses of Big Pharma’s latest experimental elixirs (see below).

This seems to be in direct violation of the new bill 702 signed by Governor Gianforte.


If only “vaccinated individuals” are up for lotteries, prizes, backpacks, cash, doughnuts, and who knows what else, it goes to reason that “unvaccinated” students are being discriminated against in the public school system.

Proponents of COVID-19 clinics point out that it has been standard practice in many schools for years to offer vaccine clinics for the seasonal flu. However, there is an important distinction; flu vaccines are not authorized under Emergency Use Authorization and – although the formula might be changed every year to combat new influenza strains – have years of a track record for Americans to independently judge whether or not the benefits outweigh the potential costs.

For the record, the Montana Daily Gazette has not been able to verify that schools are offering clinics without parents being present or without explicit parental consent. But at this stage in the game as terrified catastrophizers hell-bent on validating the last 18 months of sheer terror they’ve fomented, there’s no telling whether or not some schools would like to.

To express your mind on COVID-19 vaccine clinics in Montana’s public schools, contact Governor Gianforte’s office or the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Elsie Arntzen, and speak your piece.

Meanwhile, all school districts should be reminded that children are – for all intents and purposes – immune from COVID-19 symptoms and are the least affected of any demographic in the world. Vaccinating a child against COVID-19 is tantamount to vaccinating a woman against testicular cancer.

Governor Greg Gianforte Phone: 406-444-3111

Superintendent of Public Instruction,, Elsie Arntzen 406-444-5643


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