Child Patriots Head-Up Anti “Vaxx” Protest at Whitefish Middle School


Whitefish is up to their old shenanigans again, and this time it’s at Whitefish Middle School.

North Valley Hospital will be hosting a “vaccithon” (Covid Experimental Shot Naughtiness) in the auditorium of Whitefish Middle School located at 600 E Second St. in Whitefish.

Naturally, not all the parents of these school children even received these emails.

Tiffany Ekern, a Whitefish widow of two girls, shared, “I didn’t even receive word of this email. My girlfriend had to send it to me. A lot of parents never received it and here they want to give kids shots!”

The clinic takes place as stated on Monday May 17 and again on June 7 from 3:00 to 6:00 PM.

Oddly enough, the school auditorium hasn’t been utilized for months on end. Plays and performances have ceased (until recently) due to the “pandemic.” However, the greatest “act” of all time is about to take place in the Whitefish Middle School Auditorium. There, experimental drugs will be injected into kids as though these children 12-years-old and up were “lab rats.”

What they didn’t bargain for is the fact that two young girls are hosting a protest. And what they really didn’t bargain for is who these kids belong to.

The late Patriot and Whitefish native Dennis Bee instilled his deep-rooted patriotic values and ideals into his younger daughters Taylor 13, and Baylee 9.

These young ladies will be heading up the protest (same day as the vaxx clinic) in front of the school auditorium at 3:30, Monday, May 17 and are inviting their friends and the community to join them.

Dennis was known to have contacted the WF School Superintendent to insist his children not be forced to watch CNN in their classrooms. None of the other parents even knew of that happening before then.

Bee, who passed away last June in a tragic accident, was an incredible visionary, strong leader, loving father, and family man who was deeply respected by his community. He was the father of four older children whom he dearly loved as well as his two younger stepdaughters.

He believed in being prepared and ready for the worst. He held Patriot meetings at his home and urged others to “Work quickly, get involved and be prepared.” He believed fervently in the 2nd Amendment, food preparedness (preparedness in general), and the Constitution. Dennis was a leader among men (and women), and his strong vision and legacy live on throughout the work of his youngest girls.

Bee was also present at the Black Lives Matter protest last spring, where it was a peaceful turnout when Patriots came to guard the monument in Depot Park.

Taylor and Baylee don’t put up with much. They walk out when CNN is on in their Whitefish public school classrooms. And at the upcoming protest, they will be holding signs stating:

“I Am Not A Lab Rat” and “Keep Your Poison Out Of My Body.”

When asked what each girl learned the most from Bee, they each spoke fondly.

Taylor shared, “My stepdad’s patriotism led me on a path of respect for our Constitution and freedom to express my beliefs in a very troubled world.”

Baylee concluded, “My stepdad’s patriotism helped me to be smart and to see how wrong our government is treating us.”

Bee passed on his torch of freedom to other local patriots who went forth with his vision, especially his two youngest daughters inviting the entire Flathead Valley to stand with them to protest the tyranny against the toxic injections of unassuming students at Whitefish Middle School.


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