Bozeman Marxism Poll Backfires Spectacularly


On May 8, Montana Daily Gazette reported that the City of Bozeman was conducting an online poll, steeped in the language of Cultural Marxism, also known as Critical Theory. The story was just one in a series of articles about Bozeman’s dalliance with actual textbook Marxism in both its city government and school system.

In the above reference article, we explained what the terms belonging to the D.I.E. acronym (diversity, inclusion, equity) mean when used by Critical Theorists. Bozeman has set up an actual commission to promote this Marxist analytical framework, and our article brought some attention to the poll.

It was probably not what the Cominterns at the City of Bozeman were expecting. Only one comment left on their poll was positive. That comment, left by a woman named Rebecca Kidder, said it was “unfair” for a person to own three homes in Bozeman.

Other comments left were less than cordial to the City of Bozeman, trying to sneak Marxism terminology into a poll designed for the singular purpose of claiming that Bozemanites were in favor of Marxist economic policies (see below).

As Thomas Sowell points out in his book on Marxism, socialists present themselves as populists and argue that they are merely representing the will of the people in their wealth redistribution schemes. However, Sowell demonstrates, most of Marxist propaganda is actually designed to sway the opinions of the populace toward social wealth redistribution schemes and then convince the populace that it’s what they have wanted all along.

Bozeman’s poll demonstrates Sowell’s arguments. This is a City Commission hell-bent on stealing from the haves to give to the have nots, while simultaneously invoking racial disharmony by employing an ideology designed to divide rather than unite its adherents.


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