FBI Warns Not To Download a Fake Vaccine Card. Here’s What They Look Like, So You Can Obey the Law.


Whatever you do, please absolutely, totally, no-questions-asked obey the law. Montana Daily Gazette encourages full compliance with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, who has warned Americans that they had better not download, buy, pay for, possess, or use a fake COVID-19 vaccination card.

In a statement to the U.S. press corps and tweeted out as an excerpt by the Biden Administration (above), the federal government is warning Americans that they have a choice, which is either to inject themselves with experimental drugs or keep covering their face. This leaves many Americans in a lurch, not wanting to be held hostage with Islamic-level COVID-19 burkas or to take drugs. Some are trying to find a work-around, finding templates for COVID-19 vaccination cards that can fool employers or other gatekeepers for travel or commerce.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has issued a stern warning that a piece of paper with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) logo could be potentially illegal. In an ominous warning to American citizens, the FBI claimed that punishments could be given to those trying to skirt around Biden’s unconstitutional drugging and masking mandates (see below).

Definitely do not do this.

To help out the FBI and Biden Administration, we are making such fake documents available for viewing, so that you can totally be on the lookout for such fake documents and avoid them. Here’s the template (below).

A pdf is available here, but you shouldn’t click it or download it because it would be illegal if it contained a CDC logo.

However, some criminals are still getting around this by downloading the CDC logo (below) by right-clicking on it, saving it to the device’s ‘clipboard’ and placing it on the above forms with a free program like Pixlr (which is easy to use).

The finished product would look like the official CDC cards below, printed on cardstock paper.

Some people online haven’t figured out that the practice is illegal yet, and already forged (blank) cards are available for purchase on Etsy at the time of publication.

Please obey the federal mandates and definitely, definitely do not use the information we have freely provided to circumvent the will of the Biden Administration or employers who rightly know that you don’t have any liberties protecting your right of bodily autonomy.


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  1. Except the .pdf looks nothing like the CDC card. The CDC card has four rows labelled: 1st Dose, 2nd Dose, Other and Other. The last two marked “Other” are for the jabs which have been pre-planned but not disclosed to the public. But rest assured they are coming, otherwise those rows would not be there.
    This is very funny in a tongue-in-cheek way, but I don’t think it’s funny at all that people actually feel they must resort to forging state documents and be turned into criminals to avoid the tyranny being forced upon them. This is not a solution to this problem.

  2. What type/weight of paper or card stock should someone not ever use when studiously avoiding printing these?
    Asking for a friend.


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