Kentucky Moves to Ban Christians From Adopting Kids, as Montanans Grow Concerned That KY Official Now Runs MT DPHHS


As Reformation Charlotte, a partner publication with Gideon Knox Group, reported earlier in the week, “In the midst of a battle with Sunrise Adoption agency, Kentucky’s oldest adoption agency, and a Baptist organization, the state has proposed new regulations which would essentially disqualify Christians from adopting or fostering children through the state’s programs.”

According to the Courier-Journal, “the state is proposing sweeping new regulations for private agencies that accept children who have experienced abuse or neglect that include rules against promoting any particular religion and ensuring a child’s sexual orientation or gender identification is respected.”

“The proposed regulations,” the report continues, “subject to legislative review, include detailed requirements that children not be forced to pray or attend religious services as well as protections for LGBTQ children.”

The regulations would also ban any “programming,” including religious teaching, that would characterize LGBTQ as “immoral, unnatural, unacceptable or invalid” while also requiring access to “gender-affirming medical care by medical and mental health providers.”

The assault on Christianity, the nuclear family, and traditional values in this country couldn’t be any more blatant. Discriminating against adoptive families because they may take their adopted or fostered children to church and teach them wholesome, godly values is not only an affront to this nation, but to God.

Meanwhile, Kentucky has received the ignoble attention as the worst state in the union for child abductions by their Department of Health and Human Services. The second-worst state for state sponsored child abductions is Montana. As Gianforte won his gubernatorial race, many were hopeful that he would reform the institution. However, his selection of Adam Meier, has concerned many child advocates across the Big Sky State.

For an 18-month period, Meier was the head of Kentucky’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services, which in Montana is called the Department of Health and Human Services.  Meier’s confirmation in the Montana legislature was tempestuous, which Republicans only reluctantly confirming him after becoming afraid that voting against Gianforte’s appointment would give a black eye to the governor who belongs to the majority party.

As a leftwing commentary blog pointed out, “[Senator Brad Molnar] also questioned Meier about how he would handle improper decisions made by employees within the Child and Family Services Division, which investigates reports of child abuse and neglect.”

This seemed to be the primary concern with Meier, as MT DPHHS child confiscations have escalated through the room during the last 15 years of Democratic leadership in the state’s executive branch. Meanwhile, Montanans have been assured by Gianforte’s staff that Meier is not to blame for abuses prevalent in Kentucky’s version of DPHHS.

A string of dozens of emails between nearly a hundred Montanans have been sent to the Montana Daily Gazette with a plethora of comments critical of Meier (see below).

Meier, to his credit, did respond to the concerns in brief on at least one occasion (see below).

You may have to click on this image, if using a mobile advice, to enlarge it and read the type.

Meier did address numerous concerns related to at least one child confiscation case in Montana, which went on to make national news at the time of its occurrence. With their child stolen from them – and never returned – the family (which is upstanding and law-abiding by all accounts) has not yet let go of the issue, understandably.

Meier did not immediately agree that the confiscation of that particular child was professional misconduct on behalf of the kidnappers.

Regarding Kentucky’s attempts to ban Christians from adopting children, it is unknown at this time in Meier would approve or object of their planned policy change. Neither is it known if Meier would have battled the attempt, had he still been running the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.


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