Liberal Man Says Republicans Have Made Montana Too ‘Dangerous’ and He Wants to Leave


Montana’s liberal newspapers (which includes almost all of them except for the #1 news publication in the state – by readership – the Montana Daily Gazette) have run a flurry of coordinated editorials and letters-to-the-editor in recent weeks, claiming that Republicans have made the state inhospitable. The letters and editorials all suggest that the 2021 legislative session demonstrates that conservatives are scary, frightening, and terrifying people.

Montana’s legacy press has been exasperated with the onslaught of conservative bills passing the legislature and being signed by Governor Gianforte (R). The media helps the Democratic Party at each and every possible turn, but Governor Bullock (D) not being available to veto conservative legislation as Democrat governors have done the last 15 years has liberal press outlets pulling out their hair in desperation.

To continue the mirage of being impartial journalists – something that no one really believes any way – the newspaper outlets are content to publish editorials from people who are saying what the reporters themselves wish they could say.

Consider a letter-to-the-editor by Charles Finley, an out-of-state man who moved to Helena from a blue state for the explicit purpose of turning Montana blue. A yellow journalism rag located in Helena published his words (left).

Finley wrote, “Montana is becoming a scary and unwelcoming place. The Turning Point event was full of white nationalist people bent on violence and removing people’s rights.”

Finley’s words, of course, are categorically, demonstrably untrue. Turning Point USA is a conservative but mainstream organization with not a hint of white nationalism. In fact, the organization has unapologetically denounced white supremacy, white nationalism, or racism of any kind (including the kind propogated by Black Lives Matter).

The public faces of Turning Point USA include Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, an African American woman who has been subject to anti-black rhetoric from America’s liberals. Turning Point USA supports Capitalism, civil liberties, and the Right to Life.

Our reporter, Brenda Roskos, was present at the Turning Point USA event and wrote about it in her article about the event here. Interestingly, Rep. Derek Skees was forced to call the police on the Helena Independent Record (the same publication that printed Finley’s article) when reporter Philip Drake, and his colleague Gary Marshall, were interrogating attendees, trying to get them to profess a belief in white supremacy (also, they didn’t want to pay for tickets to attend). Of course, no attendees supported white supremacy, but the Helena newspaper had a narrative to push.

Finley goes on, “I moved here from a ‘blue state’ to do all I can to help Montana turn away from these kinds of beliefs and vote in Democrats.”

It might go without saying, but we will say it anyway, that Montana does not need the “help” of out-of-state liberals to colonize Montana for the sake of progressive or socialist policies. It is not red states are seeing a mass exodus from over-taxed, over-regulated, and over-nannied citizens, but blue states that have refugees fleeing their territories for the sake of a brighter, freer tomorrow.

Finley went on, “…I’m scared and ready to go back to the West Coast so I won’t be attacked like this. I wish Montana were more welcoming.”

It is unclear what, exactly, Finley is scared of or why he feels that he’s being “attacked.” Catastrophization, a hyperbolic exagerration of danger, is a common psychological malady among America’s progressives. Believing that words are violence and disagreements are ‘attacks,’ they are sometimes hard to reason with.

But Finley’s letter isn’t the only propagandic letter published by Montana’s liberal outlets in recent days, serving as a release valve for what the ‘journalists’ really think themselves.

Another letter, published by the same outlet, complains that liberating people from oppressive and unelected health boards is tantamount to tyranny.

Laurie Crutcher, also of Helena, complained that Republican legislation aimed at stopping the forced covering of their face or forced vaccinations was “big government.” Crutcher wants local municipalities to be able to pass unconstitutional laws against consuming water vapor, buying or carrying firearms, and meandering around town with one’s face visible.

Other letters have also recently been published, almost exclusively from a left-of-center view. The news rag printed a letter from Tom Rygg of Helena, who claimed that Republican legislators were akin to Russian oligarchs and asking if anyone besides Republican legislators were happy with the legislative session.

Living in a tiny blue bubble, apparently, both Rygg and the Helena Independent Record have a misguided understanding of how conservatives truly are. Republicans weren’t overwhelmingly elected due to a lottery. They won because the people support Republican policies.

Responses to the letters-to-the-editor in social media have been humorous, to say the least. Most are from helpful, friendly Montanans offering to help the disgruntled liberals to pack their bags.

[Editor’s Note: HT RyAnn Michele Christman]


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  1. Maybe we can swap addresses. I live in New Jersey and I truthfully find that the Democrats in power are making my state too dangerous to live in. If Democrat Phil Murphy somehow manages to get re-elected I already have my bags packed and ready to go. Montana, Florida, Texas seem to be the best options for a future home.


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