North Dakota Pastor Takes Montana Celebrity Preacher to Task for Hustling Prosperity Gospel


Arguably, Montana’s most notable preacher on the Seeker-Friendly prosperity gospel circuit is Levi Lusko of Fresh Life Church in Kalispell. Seven other church “campuses” have emerged over time across Montana where Lusko can be viewed via the large screen. Lusko is a left-of-center preacher most notably known for blending the Scripture with self-help inspirational teachings and comes across more as a life coach than a Christian minister. And unfortunately, his preaching is often far off the mark.

However, a growing field of theology in American evangelicalism, known as polemics, has emboldened Christian ministers to call out doctrinal errors and perverse doctrines taught in churches to unsuspecting or unlearned congregants. Chris Rosebrough, who lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota, pastors a Lutheran congregation just across the Minnesota state line and is a leading polemicist in the discernment community. He often catalogues Lusko’s errant doctrines.

The Prosperity Gospel is a categorization of sub-Christian teachings that claim that Jesus died to make people healthy and wealthy, often in exchange for money given to the ministry. Genuine Christians, like Rosebrough, detest that doctrine.

In this sermon review, Rosebrough reviews Montana’s most prominent heretical teacher. He has also reviewed sermons at Narrate Church in Helena and Journey Church in Bozeman, which are both equally as famous for propogating bizarre and sub-biblical beliefs.

Watch the video below.


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  1. This church is not just in Missoula. It is a multi site church. Which makes Lusko’s teachings even more dangerous.

  2. This is the result of congregations separating themselves from the word. Improper hermaunutics lead to sloppy messages and therefore a lost ability to discern truth. Acts 17:11 should be the barometer for all Christains when listening to anybody preach.


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