After Mask Repeal, Gallatin County COVID-19 Figures DROP Twenty Percent


Indisputable emprical data seems to have demonstrated what many in the Big Sky State have been saying all along. Masking has not stopped the spread of COVID-19, and de-masking hasn’t led to a spike in COVID-19 cases.

After Governor Greg Gianforte repealed mandatory masking statewide, thanks to the passage of SB65 that extended liability immunity to businesses (an entirely unnecessary bill in hindsight – and also foresight, as this publication told you at the time). Other bills passed by Republicans in the Montana legislature and signed by the governor, such as HB257, further prevent county officials – who on county health boards are unelected – from extending mandates that are more harsh than those prescribed under Montana law or the governor’s emergency orders.

Montana’s liberals have claimed over and over again that Republicans would cause COVID-19 to spike by their policies. Here is a brief review of articles Montana Daily Gazette has published to catalogue their catastrophized and inaccurate prediction of our liberty-first approach to public health.

Lewis & Clark County health officer (who does not have a degree in healthcare), Drenda Niemann, pled with Republicans to not come to the legislature because they would become a “super-spreader” event. By the way, the supermajority of those who contracted COVID-19 during the legislative session were mask wearers. None of those who got COVID-19 suffered symptoms, was seriously ill, or died.

Drenda Niemann wanted to criminally prosecute Republicans who gathered *outside* at a freedom concert, claiming that people would die and that it was a super spreader event. By the way, no one got ill at the event, fell sick, or died.

Flathead Beacon publishes letter from a Portland woman, claiming she won’t visit Montana because our lack of masks makes the state unsafe. By the way, Montana has been far less affected by COVID-19 than Portland and is exponentially a safer place in every measurable way.

Gallatin County Health Officer, Matt Kelley, limits businesses and gatherings to obscenely low levels, claiming COVID-19 will run rampant if his policies aren’t kept. By the way, Gallatin County’s COVID-19 figures only started to drop after Republicans began to roll back his edicts.

Yellowstone County’s Health Officer, limited church attendance more than bar attendance, claiming worship would cause a COVID-19 spike. By the way, there is no evidence that bars or churches performing their function has caused such a spike.

Montana Democrats claim that pro-lifers will cause people to die by not wearing masks. By the way, Montana Planned Parenthood has killed exponentially more people in Montana than COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

Former Democratic senatorial candidate claimed that a phased re-opening of Montana would cause countless numbers of deaths. By the way, we can count those numbers, they are not proven to correlate to business openings, and they are very tiny.

Democrats claim that Republican gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Al Olszewski “wants people to die” for attending events without a mask. By the way, no one died or became seriously ill after attending an event with Dr. Al Olszewski.

These are just a portion of the articles Montana Daily Gazette has covered on Democrats prophesying that conservative policies will lead to a spread of COVID-19 an impending doom. Please note; Democrats have repeatedly claimed that Republican policies would not only cause the virus to spread, but that they would cause “super-spreading” and ultimately, leads “countless thousands or tens of thousands” of Montanans to die.

However, statistics have demonstrated that masking and distancing seem to be worse for COVID-19 contraction or – at the very best – indifferent. There is no evidence suggesting that these measures have mitigated the spread of COVID-19. Should Democrats argue that the current decline in COVID-19 cases is due to vaccination, masking, and distancing policies, they should be reminded that they have repeatedly claimed – in writing and on video – that people are not following their guidance. Ergo, what has caused the decline in COVID-19 cases cannot be blamed upon the so-called “success” of health department policies.

In Gallatin County, for example, an obscure local paper owned by out-of-state publishers reported the rolling average of the last seven days showed a 20% decline since the passage of an essential piece of legislation barring counties from enforcing their draconian policies. Gallatin County, whose COVID-19 regulations were more strictly enforced than almost anywhere in the state besides Helena, showed such a dip in COVID-19 positivity rates that it cannot be explained away by either vaccination or masking. Only a small percentage of Bozemanites have been vaccinated, and many have not yet received the second dose of the vaccination. Few are wearing masks when health officers aren’t standing right over them.

As in the federal government, Montana Counties like Gallatin dropped their mandates after being forced to do so by objective reality. As more and more Americans have refused vaccinations, masking, and distancing, it has become clearer and clearer that we cannot trust health officials to give accurate assessments of viruses and diseases without wild exaggeration. When non-maskers and non-vaxxers aren’t following over dead at any greater rate than those who have complied with government regulations, it will become clear that there has been a level of dishonesty in how COVID-19 was reported.

With state laws changing, and following upon the heels of Biden’s own nationwide mask repeal (pending vaccination, which is largely unprovable), Gallatin County Health Officer, Matt Kelley rescinded his own mandate. This, of course, was wholly unnecessary because Republicans at the state capitol have already made his mandates null and void.

Kelley told the press, “Now is the time to move past those requirements from the health department to allow organizations and individuals to make decisions based on the best Centers for Disease Control guidance available.”

Kelley is wrong. It was never time to put those requirements in place to begin with. The science, the medicine, and the facts demonstrate that COVID-19 was much a’do about nothing. But it is interesting that Kelley only pulled his mandate after Biden’s announcement, and not after the passage of new laws and a repeal of mandates in Montana.


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