Biden Administration Stops Logging in Montana to Save Wolves, Making Us a Tinder Box During Fire Season


The logging ban involves an essentially important part of the Gallatin Forrest, and the cut was designed to mitigate fire concerns.

The Biden Administration’s ban on logging on public property managed by the federal government is not statewide but includes the area right outside Yellowstone National Park. Given the lack of rainfall, Montana’s first responders are very worried about fire control this summer, and logging operations clear out the underbrush used as kindling for such fires and they manage the logging roads necessary for fire equipment to traverse to put out a blaze.

Biden has just banned logging in one of Montana’s most famous forrests, in order to save wolves, grizzlies, pine martins, and wolverines (all the things that Montana’s ranchers need to population-control to save their livestock).

Logging was proposed and approved during the Trump Administration on 24 square miles in the Gallatin County Forrest, right outside of the Yellowstone Park. This area is routinely forrested in an environmentally friendly way, not clear-cut, but selectively harvested to maintain the forrest’s longterm sustainability and health. The entire project was specifically designed for fire protection to preserve several important and historic structures.

That logging plan was denied by the Biden Administration, pending further research which will probably take for years and is only a ruse to end logging permanently. The administration caved to radical extremist organizations that claimed the logging would hurt wildlife.

In turn, if a fire is sparked, it will cost Montanans millions of dollars in firefighting, the loss of important homes and structures, and if it spreads into Yellowstone National Park as has happened before, millions more dollars in lost tourism.

But…the wolves will be safe.


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