Flathead Beacon Publishes Letter from ‘Acupuncturist’ Vouching for COVID Vaccine’s Safety


After all, what’s one more jab to an acupuncturist?

A woman who pokes people with needles for a living wants Montanans to line up to get their COVID-19 vaccine. Unqualified opinions aren’t abnormal, but presenting an acupuncturist as a real doctor might be beyond the pale of responsible news reporting.

The letter-to-the-editor is from Steve Martinez, of Kalispell, is an acupuncturist who believes by pricking someone’s skin in specific locations they can be healed throught the process of restoring the balance (called “yin” and “yang”) in one’s Tao, or “life force.”

Harriet Hall, a retired family practitioner said of the practice, “Acupuncture studies have shown that it makes no difference where you put the needles. Or whether you use needles or just pretend to use needles (as long as the subject believes you used them). Many acupuncture researchers are doing what I call Tooth Fairy science: measuring how much money is left under the pillow without bothering to ask if the Tooth Fairy is real.” The Eastern mystic practice has been called ‘quackery’ by reputable medical publications and generally isn’t covered by any insurer because it’s not a real medical treatment.

But, don’t take our word for it. Listen to the National Council Against Health Fraud. They write, “The NCAHF believes that after more than twenty years of safety and efficacy trials acupuncture has not been demonstrated effective for any condition. NCAHF thus recommends to the physicians that scientific literature provides no evidence that acupuncture can perform consistently better than a placebo in relieving pain or other symptoms.”

This seemed to have been of little concern to the Flathead Beacon, who published his opinion promoting medical treatments not approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Martinez wrote in his op-ed, “The COVID-19 vaccine is the safest and quickest way for you to begin to develop immunity. Alternative medicine can help to boost your immune system, but it is vaccines that have eliminated deadly infectious diseases.”

Of course, the safest way to obtain immunity from COVID-19 is to contract it, because its symptoms are considerably less severe and less frequent than symptoms of the vaccine. That is a demonstrable medical fact, with nearly 80% of people who take the vaccine experiencing sickness and only 20% of those testing positive for COVID-19 feeling symptoms.

Furthermore, acupuncture has not been known to boost your immune system. The publication, Science Based Medicine, eviscerates the myth that acupuncture boost immune systems. In fact, nothing is known to “boost your immune system,” according to the Centers for Disease Control. Whether or not one gets sick easily is a sign of their overall health, not an Iron Dome immune system.

But Martinez goes on with an unverified truth claim. He writes…

The vaccine is infinitely safer than getting COVID-19 and getting it again until you develop enough immunity.

The statement is scientifically unfounded. No one knows for sure the short-term effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, but countless anecdotal reports lead doctors to believe that many, if not most, who take the shot will experience fever, fatigue, strange sensations in their extremities, and respiratory problems. In addition, vaccine shedding has been observed with the COVID-19 vaccines (not of COVID-19, but of vaccine symptoms), making non-vaccinated people sick merely by being around you.

But no one knows the long-term effects of taking an untested drug manufactured for the sake of speediness and rushed through without ordinary health trials. So remember that whenever you hear the media say “trust the experts” they are referring to acupuncturists, quacks, under-educated public health officers, and anyone else who happens to agree with Dr. Anthony Fauci this week, and not Anthony Fauci last week.


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