HERO OF THE WEEK: Montana State Superintendent, Elsie Arntzen, Takes Stand Against Critical Theory


As Critical Theory has almost entirely taken over the City of Bozeman, our state universities, and many school curricula around the state, Montana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Elsie Arntzen, has announced her opposition to the doctrines being taught to kids on her watch.

Critical Theory was invented by the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism, which fled Nazi Germany for Columbia University just prior to World War II. The Frankfurt School philosphers and economists desired to promote economic Marxism (the redistribution of wealth) but noticed that Marxism goes over poorly in Capitalist nations where economic success and upward mobility make theft on a mass scale seem less appealing. Influenced by the Nazi Party’s racialism (their fixation on ethnic differences), the Frankfurt School philosophers created a form of Marxism that wouldn’t build a coalition based upon economic differences, but ethnic differences.

In the 1990s, Critical Theory was expaned to Critical Race Theory by defense attorneys belonging to the Frankfurt School, desiring to prove that their African American clients we being treated prejudicially. However, everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, so the Critical Race Theorists created a framework to prove “systemic racism,” a presumption that racism exists in the legal system in terms of unequitable punishments or prosecutions between people of varying ethnic identities. This too is nearly impossible to prove, and so the ideology developed the concept of “micro-aggressions,” or invisible or nearly unperceptible acts or words of racism that can’t be detected or proven but are evidenced when some identity groups fair better than others in society. It discounts the notion that cultural or family differences (like graduation rates, births out of wedlock, fatherlessness, or illiteracy could influence these outcomes and not conspiratorial racism).

In the early 2000s, Critical Race Theory was expanded by Marxists into Intersectionality, which doesn’t only divide ethnicities but seeks to make divisions between heterosexuals and homosexuals, men and women, people who know their gender and those who don’t, the abled and the disabled, and – generally speaking – between the “oppressors” and the “oppressed.”

In a memo posted at the Montana Family Foundation, a Republican lobbying organization that does a good job lobbying against abortion but largely neglects and ignores matters related to socialism or LGBTQXYZ issues, Arntzen informed the public, “Our schools should not be teaching debunked theories that twist and distort our history, and fringe philosophies that Americans have consistently rejected.

She was speaking of Critical Theory.

Arntzen went on, “I have heard from countless families statewide in recent weeks specifically about what one of those fringe ideologies — critical race theory — would mean for Montana, and what it would mean for their children. They are rightfully concerned that this kind of thinking could be coming to their schools’ classrooms, and they want their voices to be heard.”

She then added, “As a result of my examination of these current trends, and in response to the concerns of parents statewide, I have sent a letter to Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen requesting a written legal opinion on the legality of such teaching in our state’s education system. I remain concerned that this type of instruction would not only be divisive, but could violate Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, Article II, Section 4 of the Montana Constitution, or other applicable nondiscrimination laws.”

Praise God for Elsie Arntzen, and that’s why she is receiving this week’s Hero of the Week Award from Montana Daily Gazette.


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