Video: Legendary Author and Teacher Confirms Plans to Take Down America


One does not need to dwell in the land of conspiracy nuts to conclude that America, as we knew it, is long gone, and there is widespread doubt that she can ever make a comeback.

Regardless of the eventual outcome, the attack and subsequent attempt to take over this “great experiment” known as America will be studied for many generations to come.

As future historians study this time in history, one has to wonder if the naked, concerted efforts of the United Nations and other globalist agencies to form a New World Order through Agenda 21, then Agenda 2030, will be studied in depth?

One man who has dedicated most of his life to making sure that history does not tread lightly on the murderous, nation-destroying establishment is G. Edward Griffin.

Griffin, who is probably best known for his landmark book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” has been fighting the establishment and their attempt to take over America for several decades.

Most recently, Griffin founded and organized one of the premier speaking conferences in America called The Red Pill Expo and its wildly successful companion known as Red Pill University.

Griffin joined Jim White on Montana Gazette Radio recently to discuss UN Agenda 2030, the establishment takeover, and much more. The first short video below is Griffin confirming the takeover and the second, longer video is the full interview.


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