Flathead County Health Officer Joe Russell Speaks Lies; Lures Minor Children to Undergo Poisonous Injections.


Deception in the 21st century is rampant, and Health Officer Joe Russell of Flathead County is heading up the fraudulent messiness by tricking people into believing that “Covid shots” are FDA approved for ages 12 to 15 and that the “shot” is a vaccine which it unquestionably is not.

FDA approved is one thing while FDA authorized is quite another. Clear explanations of both are provided further into the article.

“I think right now the vaccines align pretty well with the variants,” Russell said, speaking of the “different varieties” of Covid to have hit the state of Montana.

First of all, the Covid shot is not a vaccine (this has been proven time and again via intensive testing), and secondly, how can he have a clue as to what the “variants” consist of when even Covid 19 itself hasn’t been isolated as a specific strand?

But Russell blindly continues with, “They may not be as effective, (talking about the various “vaccines” Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, etc.), but they’re going to still be more effective than other vaccines toward disease.”

Talk about a shot in the dark.

The article which is linked below gets even better.


“Now that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has received federal approval for children ages 12 to 15, (lie) Russell said that age group can receive shots at the mass-vaccination clinic at the county fairgrounds in Kalispell starting next week.”

Evidently, re-elected school board trustee Rebecca Linden gets her information from Russell because, in one of our recent articles, Linden stated that the FDA issued approval for children 12-16. These people are seriously inept and uninformed.

How unbelievably deceptive. The “vaccine” has NOT received “federal approval.” The Food and Drug Administration has not approved these “vaccines” by any form or means. They have only allowed them to be pushed through under Emergency Use Authorization and the heading of an “experimental drug.”

According to a recent report, Joe Russell is dead wrong. Neither Pfizer, Johnson, and Johnson or Moderna is fully approved.


CLEVELAND — So far only one vaccine maker has submitted for full approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but the other two are not far behind. But the question many are wondering is what’s the difference between Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which they have now, and full FDA approval?

Emergency Use Authorization is basically a shortcut for a crisis. And according to the FDA, the COVID-19 pandemic fit the bill. An EUA can be given if there are no adequate or approved alternatives. But they still have to prove safety and they had about three months’ worth of data with thousands of study participants before they received the EUA.

Approval takes longer. The FDA needs at least six solid months of data, then at least another six months for the FDA to review everything. So if the Pfizer Biotech vaccine gets approved, it would happen later this year.

And if Pfizer gets approved, it’s only for those 16 and up. Approval for younger kids will take even longer.

Russell, who presides over all of Flathead County, is guilty of gross and negligent error and not fit to be Health Officer.

The above article was updated on May 13, and it’s highly doubtful that the Pfizer vaccine has been fully authorized by the FDA within the past three days.

This is very contrary to what’s been stated and is happening in Flathead County and the rest of Montana.

Russell is urging children ages 12 and up to be injected (and very soon) via the toxic “Covid shot” at the Fairgrounds in Kalispell.

Part of the horrendous push is that “variants” of the Covid “virus” have been discovered (supposedly) in over 200 Montanans, and those (said variants) from Brazil and India are (supposedly) more harmful and deadly to children. Living conditions are far more unsanitary in some foreign countries than they are in Montana, which also affects a population’s overall health and wellness.

The statistics and information (concerning toxicity and death via the Covid injection and children) are pouring in already.

Don’t be bamboozled; Joe Russell and the rest of the medically minded cronies are wanting children to get these injections because heaven knows more variants are coming! But variants are nothing compared to the harm these poisonous injections are and will cause.


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Do not fall for this treacherous trickery. Keep your children close by.


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