Op-Ed: Why God Hates Socialism


There is a category of the Republican voting block known as “Social Conservatives.” Generally speaking, this refers to those who vote for GOP candidates based upon their position on social issues, such as infanticide, sodomy-based ‘marriages,’ and the fact that gender doesn’t change through the power of imagination. These voters may or may not be fiscal conservatives, who vote for candidates primarily based upon their position on economic issues.

But perhaps you have noticed a strong bleed-over from one category of Republican voter to the other. Social conservatives tend to be economic conservatives. Exceptions to this rule are called ‘Crunchy Cons’ – a term coined by political and cultural columnist Rod Dreher. These include men even in unlikely circles like evangelism, including those like Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention, Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, or Mark Dever of 9Marx Ministries (all three men are active in promoting Democrat candidates). Politically, this would include men like Mitt Romney who oppose abortion but never saw a tax increase they didn’t approve of.

But there are even a few Republicans who are fiscally conservative but waffle on other issues related to morality. Those are the ones who typically sport Libertarian tendencies. Over all, however, if you find your average Republican voter, they are both fiscally and socially conservative.

You might also have noticed that Socialists (you know them as “Democrats”) almost universally support both wealth-redistribution and abortion. There are no exceptions that I’m aware of, of a Democrat who is against abortion (when it comes time to vote) while supporting organized theft (except for the aforementioned evangelical liberals). Likewise, I’m unaware of a prominent Democrat who is for infanticide, but against organized theft. Those two ideas go together like Democrats and COVID masks.

Where Republicans seem to err is their unnecessary boundary lines between fiscal and economic conservatism. Why is that? It’s because socialism is a moral issue. This is a lesson I wish the Montana Family Foundation would figure out, and start treating votes for socialism as votes for immorality.

Follow the line of logic:

(1) Taxing people punitively with the expressed purpose of redistributing their wealth to others (socialism) is theft.

(2) Theft is a sin because the 8th Commandment says so.

(3) Ergo, socialism is a sin.

What could possibly be worse than holding babies at ransom in exchange for welfare checks, cash, or transferred privilege? It’s hard to imagine. Imagine, if you will, someone holding a gun to a woman’s pregnant belly with the cash-or-murder ultimatum.

There is a reason why socialists universally approve of abortion, besides it’s a demonic religion founded by a Satanist, Karl Marx (he was not an atheist, but a Satanist – as can be demonstrated by his own words). The reason socialism and abortion go together like watermelon and a hot day is that socialists, who are by nature thieves, have no problem murdering. Murder, according to God’s Law, is the *stealing* of someone’s life (which is why it must be repaid by a life). Stealing and killing are often mentioned together in the same breath within Holy Writ, in places like John 10:10.

In fact, all of the Second Table commands are acts of thievery. The fifth command forbids the stealing of honor. The sixth command forbids the stealing of life. The seventh commandment forbids the stealing of a spouse. The eighth commandment forbids stealing property. The ninth commandment forbids the stealing of truth. The tenth commandment forbids even the desire to steal.

It is no wonder, then, that socialists are always, every time, fundamentally immoral people. Their worldview is based upon things that God explicitly forbids.

The command, “Thou shalt not steal,” presumes the existence of private property rights. God’s Word repeatedly emphasizes private property rights throughout the Civil Code given to the Nation of Israel. Taking someone else’s property for something that does not personally render them a service (or entitle them to one) is theft. That’s immoral.

This is the reason why leftists, steeped in socialist policy, also endorse abortions without parental notification (a violation of the 5th Commandment), abortion in general (a violation of the sixth commandment), sexual perversities (a violation of the seventh commandment), organized theft (a violation of the eighth commandment), calling men “women” (a violation of the ninth commandment) and class envy (a violation of the tenth commandment). They are, hands down, the most immoral people on Earth.

Christians, do not be convinced that economics is a purely fiscal issue. It is not. Economics is a moral issue. Stealing is a sin. And as the history of Marxism has proven through 100 million dead in the last century, a man who will steal your property is also a man who will steal your life and liberty.

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by JD Hall, Gideon Knox Group]


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