Gianforte’s Veto of SNAP Benefit Increase Was Good Policy


One woman on Facebook called Gianforte’s decision, “ONE of the most horrific things Governor Gianforte has done – veto a bipartisan bill that would have increased SNAP ( food) benefits to low income Montana kids in need…Montana farmers would have received assistance for growing the food.— A win win for everyone. For him to veto this bill is criminal and by his actions, certainly not one of a self described Christian.”

Contrary to the woman who wrote that line, vetoing legislation is not “criminal” and redistributing wealth through forced taxation is not “Christian.” The Bible calls such a scheme, “theft.”

The Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program (SNAP), known more commonly as “food stamps,” was designed to be a temporary assistance program amidsts the Second World War, particularly for families whose husbands and father’s were fighting over sees. Like most welfare programs, however, the program never really went away.

Currently, SNAP uses 60 billion dollars in public tax resources to feed approximately 40 million Americans. A Clinton-era loophole in the SNAP program, however, allows almost anyone to receive benefits, including millionaires.

The policy change would have allowed a match-for-match of foodstamp ‘dollars,’ at particpating retail stores. However, this would have imposed a 95 thousand dollar dent to the state’s budget.

However, it appears that the veto decision on behalf of Gianforte was the prudent move, considering that the state does have federal money to burn and that might be a more appropriate use for it than using statewide tax-dollars.

Some liberals are claiming that this decision was done for some kind of weird, nefarious purpose, like making kids suffer on purpose because he’s just a meany-pants. In actuality, it looks like Gianforte will be choosing to fund the program with money not derived from Montana’s businesses and income taxpayers.


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