Montana Teachers Union Sues to Stop Laws Designed to Protect Girls, Civil Rights


The state’s largest union, the Montana Federation of Public Employees – representing those who make a living from the public tax rolls – have sued the State of Montana because our legislators passed a string of legislation designed to protect girls and gun rights.

The Montana Federation of Public Employees merged with the Montana Federation of Teachers in 2018. At the time, these were the first and second-largest union in the state. With 23 thousand members, the MFPE is an affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA), the largest and most liberal union in the United States.

MFPE doesn’t just represent teachers, however. It represents all public employees who are okay with Marxism and rampant liberalism, including law enforcement and bureaucrats in Helena.

The MFPE president happens to be a card-carrying Communist (literally). Amanda Curtis, a former state legislator and a high school biology teacher in Butte, is also a failed candidate for statewide office. Her full-time job at MFPE is attacking Republican legislators and policies (this is 100% of the work of the MFPE).


Curtis’ Marxist ties were first discovered when she was nominated for the United States Senate by the Montana Democratic Party in August of 2014. That’s when it was discovered that she had just tagged herself in a photograph featuring a banner for “Industrial Workers of the World,” a Communist organization.

At the start of the “Red Scare” in 1946, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) passed a resolution differentiating themselves from Bolshevik communists on the grounds that they believed in democracy rather than dictatorships, but since then have embraced thoroughly Communist economic policies. And since the end of McCarthyism, the union has come back up ‘above ground’ for Communist causes. Their explicit, stated goal is to “end Capitalism.”

Commonly known as “Wobblies,” the activist union has ties to both socialist and anarchist movements. Their goals are to create “one big union and destroy capitalism.” They were founded in 1905 by “Big Bill Hayworth,” an atheist and Communist. The organization supports radical groups like Earth First, the Black Panthers, and Palestinian terrorists. Their most prominent member is Marxist thought-leader, Noam Chomsky.

Curtis’ husband was listed as the Butte delegate for the Wobblies and she was listed as their primary legislative contact during her term in the Montana legislature.- Advertisement –

Curtis is a member of the “Two Rivers Branch of the Industrial Worker’s of the World” branch in Montana and this is their stated goal:

The Two Rivers General Membership Branch consists of members of the Industrial Workers of the World, a.k.a. Wobblies, from across the state of Montana (Missoula, Hamilton, Butte, and Billings). We are working to organize the people of Montana into the One Big Union to end wage slavery and eventually end the capitalist system.


The MFPE filed a lawsuit against the state to stop legislation passed by the 67th Montana Legislature and signed into law by Governor Greg Gianforte. The new laws protect Montanan’s civil liberties, in particular, gun rights and the freedom for girls not to be intruded upon by boys in their sporting activities or locker rooms.

In other words, MFPE wants boys to be able to shower with girls, beat them up in sporting activites like wrestling, and to stop adult students in the university system from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Amanda Curtis stated, “The people of Montana have spoken, and they demand our Constitution be upheld and respected. On behalf of the Montana University System’s students, staff and faculty, we thank and applaud the Montana Board of Regents for their decision to protect the authority invested in them by the people of Montana.”

We don’t know what kind of wacky-tobaccy Curtis was smoking, indica or sativa, when she stated that “the people of Montana have spoken.” Republicans won by a large margin in 2020 and the laws passed by the legislature and signed by Gianforte are wildly popular.

We presume that Curtis was implying that “the people of Montana” have spoken through their Communist public employees union, and not through the democratic process.

Meanwhile, Gianforte won’t be backing down. His spokewoman, Brooke Stroyke, told the press in email, “The governor’s office generally does not comment on ongoing litigation, but will staunchly defend the constitutionality of these laws.” 


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