Republican Leader Points Out That Reverse Racism is Still Racism


One of the many tactics used by establishment operatives to chill free speech and control the masses is labeling a person or group as being racist. Although the accusation doesn’t have the sting that it used to, no one wants to wear the label, especially falsely.

Divide and conquer is one of the oldest military tactics in recorded history and has been the method most favored by the establishment for generations to remain in control. In 2021, however, their string of successful deceptions may be coming to an end.

Dennison Rivera is energetic, intelligent, influential, and one of the many young men and women of this country who have taken up the mantle for freedom with the intent of reversing the march towards a Socialist\Communist state.

As Chairman of the Lewis and Clark Young Republicans, Rivera and his contemporaries have had just about enough of the “cancel culture;” the allegations of systemic racism hurled at innocents; and a nation divided along every racial, social, and financial line possible. Rivera is taking action and making a difference in a big way.

Rivera dropped in on Montana Gazette Radio with Jim White to chat a bit about racism, his political future, and much more. The 1st video is Rivera on Reverse Racism vs. Racism, while the 2nd video is his full interview.


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