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Montana Daily Gazette is the leading, fastest-growing (only growing?) news publication in the Big Sky State. With our readership skyrocketing and acquisition of terrestrial radio, as well as our webcast and upcoming news programs you’ll hear over the airwaves, we need committed conservatives who will help us network with fellow Montanans who share our values and can help us connect to our consumer base.

The good news about working for MDG? Unlike the Billings Gazette, Great Falls Tribune, Bozeman Chronicle, and the Missoulian, we won’t soon be out of business. Our business is providing straight-up news for our conservative-minded readers (without apology) and business is good.

Do you want extra cash in your pocket? We are developing a sales team from around the state to reach local businesses, political candidates, and individuals who want to amplify their message.

We offer competitive pay and commissions on advertising sales, and a fun, independent and non-micromanaged environment for you to excel. Work from home, work from your car, and work from your phone. Then, deposit your commissions. It really is that simple.

However, we won’t do business with just anyone. You’ll need to pass a criminal background check, a few questions about your moral uprightness, and live in Montana (because we aren’t an out-of-state pink slime junk-site like Montana Daily). Oh, and you have to know what your actual gender is because we don’t give two-shakes what the Supreme Court thinks.

We are looking for 10 sales reps throughout the state to serve as Regional Sales Managers, with exclusive territorial sales agreements, overseeing representatives from your area that you will receive over-ride commisions from for every ad sale (see below).

This development is exciting, and means that every ad sold in your region will earn you Regional Sales Managers commission, should you get in on this ground-floor level.

We are primarily looking for two kinds of individuals for these sales positions; (1) experienced salespeople and/or (2) local Montanans who already have a great personal network in their local towns and surrounding area.

To apply for these positions, please email with your resume’ and to request more information.


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