Regulatory Board Forbids Physicians from Contradicting Government on COVID-19


“Trust the experts,” we are repeatedly told. But this phrase, which sounds harmless enough, seems to mean, “Trust government bureaucrats.” Most of those bureaucrats have no health training whatsoever, but they are busy banning practicing physicians from giving the public the truth – as they have personally observed it – about the novel coronavirus.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) is the regulatory board that oversees physicians in the Canadian province. The board regulates the medical industry and is able to pull the medical license of physicians for malpractice or violations of ethics guidelines. And the CPSO forbade Canadian doctors from contradicting politicians on the spread and seriousness of COVID-19.

In other words, the CPSO can pull the credentials and medical license from those practicing in Ontario. Ontario also happens to be a hotspot for government-sponsored terrorism against people of faith and has been cracking down on Charter freedoms that allow people to peacefully assemble.

The memo, from CPSO to Ontario physicians, is still online and can be seen here.

The statement (above) reads, “There have been isolated incidents of physicians using social media to spread blatant misinformation and undermine public health measures meant to protect all of us. In response, the College released the statement below.”

It goes on to state, “The College is aware and concerned about the increase of misinformation circulating on social media and other platforms regarding physicians who are publicly contradicting public health orders and recommendations.”

Keep in mind that “public health orders” in Canada, as in the United States, are issued by government bureaucrats, often without health training. What this memo does is ban physicians from giving their input to government officials to issue health regulations. Insane, yes?

The memo goes on, “Physicians hold a unique position of trust with the public and have a professional responsibility to not communicate anti-vaccine, anti-masking, anti-distancing and anti-lockdown statements and/or promoting unsupported, unproven treatments for COVID-19. Physicians must not make comments or provide advice that encourages the public to act contrary to public health orders and recommendations.”

One wonders how vaccines, masking, distancing, and lockdown orders are “proven” and “supported” if physicians disagree with them. Apparently, group-think is the new Scientific Method.

The statement reads, “Physicians who put the public at risk may face an investigation by the CPSO and disciplinary action, when warranted. When offering opinions, physicians must be guided by the law, regulatory standards, and the code of ethics and professional conduct. The information shared must not be misleading or deceptive and must be supported by available evidence and science” (emphasis ours).”

Do you remember the good old days when doctors and scientists were expected to be guided by research, empirical data, observable facts, and the Scientific Method? Ah, the nostalgia! Today, doctors and scientists are expected to be guided by the political status quo. That’s how science is done, right?

Make no mistake about it, this anti-science and anti-medicine perspective of various governments is what has made a mess of COVID-19 mitigation and has actually made the problem worse. This is the precise attitude that led to the persecution of Galileo for contradicting the opinion of the Catholic Church, merely for asserting the existence of a heliocentric universe.

The muzzling of front-line doctors and physicians on behalf of Big Pharma and Big Government has held the world hostage for a year-and-a-half. It’s not science. It’s religion.


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