Civil Rights Leader, Ammon Bundy, Files as Candidate for Idaho Governor


Notable civil rights leader, Ammon Bundy, has announced his candidacy for Idaho Governor. Bundy made his intentions known by filing as a Republican in the state’s primary election. The mainstream media is less than ecstatic.

Bundy’s candidacy has already been subject to a misinformation campaign by Big Media, which has repeatedly called Bundy an “anti-government activist,” an apparent attempt to point out the irony of the rancher acquiring a seat in government. Of course, Bundy is not on the record as ever having been against “government.” He has been on the record for being against tyranny, a distinction that mainstream media seems incapable of making.

Bundy first gained notoriety when the Bureau of Land Management attempted to steal his family’s cattle in 2014, breaking an agreement that the Bundy family had made with government in 1954. Squelching on that deal, which was irrevocable so long as terms were followed, the federal government attempted to close off Bundy’s leased land in order to preserve a supposedly endangered tortoise species. The lease was illegally canceled by the BLM in 1994 after Bundy’s father, Cliven, had refused to sell back his grazing rights in order to create a tortoise conservation zone.

Believing in Natural Law, the honor of signed agreements, and the verifiable lack of legal standing of the Bureau of Land Management, Cliven Bundy offered to pay his grazing fees to his local county courthouse. Instead, the Federal Government raided the Bundy ranch with militarized police to steal his cattle, many of whom eventually died while in federal custody. The Bureau of Land Management was already wildly unpopular in the American West, with many different instances of using excessive force and violating civil liberties of American cattle-ranchers. When the Bundy family’s plight became known, the scene galvanized the American conscience and reminded people of the federal government’s repeated use of unjustified force against its citizens.

Ultimately, thousands gathered at the Bundy ranch to defend the family against the federal government’s SWAT teams, illegal surveillance, and cattle rustling. Bundy’s family was cleared of any wrong doing in the matter by a jury in 2017.

In 2016, Ammon Bundy entered public property owned by taxpayers known as the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in order to lawfully protest the prosecution of two landowners who conducted a controlled burn on their property for the sake of land management. The peaceful protestors were accused of being a “militia” despite them being little more than citizens exercising their right to bear arms, peacefully assemble, and petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Again, the federal government brought violent force down upon the peaceful protestors, eventually shooting their leaders in an ambush, as they were trying to meet with local law enforcement upon happily accepting their invitation. Murdering Lavoy Finnicum in the process, the militarized police arrested Ammon and others leading the First Amendment exercise. By comparison to Antifa taking over large portions of public and private property in the summer of 2020, such as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle (of which the media could not have been more elated), the so-called occupation was tame. More importantly, it was legal.

Bundy was cleared of wrongdoing in the incident by a jury in 2016.

Most recently, Bundy has been the subject of civil rights violations committed against him by Idaho state government officials. As in Montana, Idaho’s Capitol is known as “the People’s House” and state Citizens have the right to come and go freely, without restraint. However, for the sake of mitigating a mild chest cold that originated in Wuhan China – largely known as the novel coronavirus – state officials mandated that its Citizens could not visit the facility without covering their face. At the time, masks were still presumed by some to stop the spread of the virus, a spurious claim that has now largely been debunked as junk science.

Being ordered to leave the public property and for refusing to adhere to the unconstitutional order, Bundy was arrested and carried out of the building. After refusing to assist law enforcement to violate his liberties (Bundy refused to walk, and let them carry him), he was charged with “resisting arrest,” the latest in a string of civil rights offenses committed against the activist.

Amusing some and endearing him to others, Bundy has repeatedly gone back to the public facility and faced additional charges. His protest (which amounts to little more than watching the legislative session, as is his right as a Citizen) has been such a little threat that the Capitol police have refused to increase their security efforts, pointing out he was relatively harmless.

In the broader scope, Bundy is cherished as a folk hero to the liberty-conscience American who has watched more and more liberties be taken from the citizenry by executive fiat, unelected bureaucrats, and corrupt government entities.

Private property is a civil right guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. Attending legislative sessions in person is a civil right guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. Using public property, owned by taxpayers, is a civil right guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. By all accounts, Ammon Bundy is a legend of the 21st Century Civil Rights Movement.

The Montana Daily Gazette is unaware of any comments from Bundy that would suggest he is “anti-government.” Rather, Bundy believes – as did our Founding Fathers and roughly half the country – that government serves the purpose of protecting individual liberties. He has never been convicted of a crime, has never misused a firearm, and is not a member of a militia unless a “militia” is defined merely as Citizens who support the civil rights given them in the Second Amendment. Most of Idaho would agree with him on that.

In other words, news consumers need to be aware that mainstream media coverage of Bundy and his candidacy has thus far been incredibly biased and will no doubt remain so in the future. While celebrating riots over the summer of 2020 that have caused 2.2 billion dollars in property damage and have killed dozens of people, Bundy’s civil rights advocacy has remained peaceful and inclusive.

Idaho’s current governor, Brad Little (“R”) has thus far been gravely unpopular among state conservatives, largely for enforcing draconian public health policies that rival those of far more liberal and neighboring states, Washington and Oregon. If Bundy is presuming that the state of Idaho is fed up with liberty-last policy decisions, he is right; now is the time for Bundy to run for gubernatorial office.

Like Montana, Idaho has a strong Republican majority. Also like Montana, the single-party rule has led many Democrats in Idaho to file as Republican candidates. During the 2020 election in Montana, conservatives largely routed and disabled the progressive wing of the party by effectively educating the public. Bundy will need to take a similar path, explaining to the people of Idaho that many dyed-in-the-wool liberals, like Gov. Brad Little, have fooled the public.

As time progresses, Bundy should be able to accomplish that task if he focuses on his messaging…Idaho is conservative; Brad Little is not.

Few have proven themselves as a “man of the People” like Ammon Bundy.


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  1. Well written and very fair article!!! Thank you !
    Rancher Bundy would serve the People of Idaho faithfully with a strength that has been missing for YEARS.


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