Op-Ed: Critical Race (Hate) Theory


When those who wield power in our federal government force executives and our military into re-education training as they are doing today, their actions can no longer be described as a theory, but are better described as being indoctrination. Critical Theory is just that…anti-American and explicitly racist indoctrination.

The powers-that-be are teaching white leaders that they are “white supremacists” and responsible for mass killings. They blame all whites for America’s alleged historical wrongs. Then, they force the trainees to write out an apology for having alleged white privilege. The secular progressives are hiding the real definition of Critical Race Theory.

To them, it is scientifically acceptable to unjustly criticize America and, specifically, white people. In truth, Critical Race Theory sponsors are nothing more than hateful and racist at the core.    

Critical Hate was mainly instituted to redefine (lie about) the historical narrative of America and paint America as a racist and evil empire. For this reason, BLM and Antifa tried to destroy many historical statues in cities and colleges across the country.

To defeat Critical Race (Hate) Theory America needs to understand that critical hate is rooted in Marxism. In 1848, the Communist Manifesto–a document proven to hate everything American–was written by Karl Marx and Frederic Engels.

Marx and Engels believed the free market (capitalism) could be replaced by a socialist system of collectivism, which is government power and control over major enterprises. This takes power and control from the people and gives the government the power to redistribute wealth, which means government decides who gets wealth and who doesn’t.

This is happening today in America in the form of Obama Care, Medicaid expansion, welfare, and unemployment benefits that all take from the productive and give to the unproductive.

The Manifesto then directs Communists to take away individual freedoms in an effort to prohibit the masses from having the ability to strive and control their own destiny. Then, they seize private property and condemn Christianity because they claim it is “the opiate of the masses.”

Next, to gain more control over the people, they abolish the traditional family and parental authority in order to control education and ensure indoctrination.  All of these have been implemented today. From colleges to grammar schools, the left has been slowly succeeding in indoctrinating our children for the last 50+ years.

The Manifesto ends by advocating the “forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.” Progressives are successfully pushing sexual delusions, the cancel culture, identity politics, and their support for their own form of Nazi Brown Shirts–Black Lives Matter–operated by Antifa.

To these, add Critical Hate Theory and they have managed to complete the total divide-and-conquer activism of the Marxist ideology. Unbelievably, their doctrine is supported by some of the largest corporations in the U.S., who shower supporters with millions of dollars in gifts donated by Apple, Amazon, AT&T, etc., and coordinated by the new Socialist Democrat Party, which is headed by the current President of the United States.

Under the Biden Administration, Critical Hate is being pushed in public school systems across America in an attempt to indoctrinate children to hate their country and each other. In some cases, locals don’t even know their schools are operating as political cells whose objective is to cancel the American culture.

Their motive is obvious; this darkness is searching out and stamping out anyone who stands up against this egregious tyranny.

Adding to the threat, this progressive Marxist agenda is supported by today’s major fake news outlets and social media giants. They repeat the Socialist Democrat propaganda that condemns or prevents the Patriots Christians from expressing their political or religious beliefs. These news outlets attack these Americans on social media, and the social media giants cancel patriotic American’s free speech.

This is why we see many people in major companies, public offices, the military, religious individuals, and school employees across the country being canceled (attacked civilly or fired) for expressing the truth of this tyrannical orthodoxy of lies, hate, and tyranny.

This is causing Americans to fear and remain silent by discouraging their speaking the truth in public, from the pulpit, or on social media.

When people start to buy into the fear and remain silent, the progressive takeover of America gains ground and we, perhaps unknowingly, support their long-term goal.

We will certainly lose our country to Marxism if we continue to concede the public debate to those pushing this anti-American, anti-God ideology.

During the 20th Century alone, the world had several Marxist-style revolutions, and every one ended in death and destruction. Look at the Soviet Union, Germany, China, Cambodia, Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela, to name a few.

The body count adds up to nearly 150 million lives lost.  Try to visualize the pain and suffering that goes with millions of killings. It’s unimaginable. These countries are remembered for their gulags, show trials, death camps, executions, and mass starvations.

In reality, Marxism unleashed the darkest of all brutalities known to humankind in the 20th Century, and now, in America, this same evil is trying to do it again.

On the other hand, America was built as a meritocracy, where color, sex, and background are not considered when it comes to qualifying for advancement.

Just look at the National Football League. One is chosen to participate if he earns a spot for his hard work and ability. This is what has made America the tremendous success story for the past 245 years.

Patriot Christians must own and defend Christ’s moral standard. We must not allow ourselves to be confined by the evils of sexual delusion, cancel culture, identity politics, and critical hate theory controlled by secular progressives in politics, big corporations, and news outlets.

The task seems overwhelming, but it can be accomplished by understanding the evil that we currently face while admitting the fact that we don’t face many evils, but one evil spirit in many forms.

To combat the takeover of America, we collectively–and I mean millions of us– have to start exposing and teaching the fraudulence of critical race theory (Marxism). This will counteract their lies with the truth.

We must promote the true, benevolent story of America. America’s history is of an honest country, a morally good people who have worked and died to correct injustices at home and around the world.

America has, throughout our history, placed God’s truth at the apex of our “Republic for which we stand.”

Every Citizen needs to stand in the spirit of America and defend our liberty and freedom that will at the same time expose, challenge, and destroy the progressive socialist attempt to take over our country. 

May God Bless America’s people to stand for liberty, 

Senator David Howard, SD29 Park City, MT


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