Austin Knudsen Bans Critical Theory in Montana’s Schools


Critical Theory, formulated by Marxists from the Frankfurt School, is intentionally designed to cause racial disunity, societal strife, and cultural conflict. Invented as a way to pit one class against another, Critical Theory, or Critical Race Theory (CRT), seeks to sow animosity between those of different ethnic or identity groups. Also known as Cultural Marxism, the doctrines of CRT are currently being taught in the Bozeman School District and elsewhere throughout the state.

Known by the acronym D.I.E. (diversity, inclusion, equity) the sinister philosophy diminishes the supremacy of the individual and instead magnifies the collective. CRT teaches that all white people are – by the virtue of their skin color – racists and that all black people are – by the virtue of their skin color – oppressed. CRT sharply divides society into two classes (oppressed and oppressors) and teaches that “white fragility” is the only reason why white people don’t admit to being racists.

In other words, every white person is racist according to CRT. If someone says they’re not racist, they’re very racist. If someone is doesn’t fight back against accusations of racism, then their silence is an implicit agreement with the accusation of racism. If their racism can’t be demonstrated or proven, it is assumed by slight infractions perceived as “micro-aggressions,” which are projected upon the.

Underlying the real intention of Critical Theory is economic Marxism. Influential Critical Theorist, Ibram Kendi, coined the term “anti-racism.” According to Kendi, who made that term means, “Capitalism is essentially racist. Racism is essentially capitalist.”

Kendi, a leader of CRT, also teaches that it is good to be racist against white people because it will bring about racial equity, also known as the redistribution of wealth and privilege from one group to another. Other Critical Theorists, like Joseph Barndt, teach that it is impossible for blacks to be racist against whites, because they have redefined racism to mean, “prejudice plus power.” According to Critical Theory, black people do not have power (including the former president, Barack Obama, apparently) and therefore, they cannot be racist.

Today, however, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen banned Critical Theory from Montana’s public schools, labeling it as discriminatory. It’s a proper label.

Amanda Curtis, who is the head of the state employees’ union – which includes public school employees – is an actual card-carrying Communist (literally, she carries an actual card). Curtis told the press of Knudsen’s decision, “[Knudsen and Elsie Arntzen, the Superintendent of Public Instruction] are working together to politicize school curriculum.”

Keep in mind, Critical Theory is politicization. Banning politicizing is not politicizing. However, it should not surprise than a Marxist like Curtis is enraged at Cultural Marxism being banned in our schools.

Caitlynn Borgman of the Montana ACLU also was blindingly angry, stating, “Our country needs to acknowledge its history of systemic racism and reckon with the present-day impacts of racial discrimination — this includes being able to teach and talk about these concepts in our schools.”

Of course, the ACLU’s attorneys approve of Critical Race Theory. The racial component of CRT was invented in the 1990s by Marxists in America’s law schools, who were trying to find a way to get their African American clients off from their charges. Their solution was to claim that “systemic racism” existed in the penal system and although it could not be proven, the higher rates of arrest, prosecution, and incarcertation of African Americans was evidence by itself. Of course, other reasons exist for the disproportionate rates of criminality that exist in different ethnic groups including government dependency, the soft bigotry of lowered expectations, and the destruction of the nuclear family unit by social welfare policies that incentivize single motherhood.

The term “systemic racism,” used by Borgman, is itself the product of Critical Race Theory. It’s a CRT term. The reason CRT advocates for the idea that all white people are “racist” is because all white people (the thinking goes) are either knowingly or unknowingly profiting from the benefits of systemic racism.

Knudsen said in his statement, “Committing racial discrimination in the name of ending racial discrimination is both illogical and illegal. Montana law does not tolerate schools, other government entities, or employers implementing CRT and antiracist programming in a way that treats individuals differently on the basis of race or that creates a racially hostile environment.”


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