Bozeman FBI Agents Guilty of Hardcore Racism Against Asian American Business Owner


In January of this year, Montana Daily Gazette published an exclusive article highlighting the corruption practiced by the FBI in Bozeman, Montana against a minority business owner named Terrie Holscher. You can read the original article by clicking here.

Many elements of the criminal activity perpetrated by the Bozeman FBI against Holscher were omitted from the first article due to delays in getting court records and other corroborating documents. The purpose of this article is to fill in some of those missing elements to gain a better perspective on the scope and depth of the crimes.

The nightmare for Holscher began in the winter of 2016 when she was paid her first visit by FBI stooge, Robert Wayne Harris. According to Holscher’s account of events, Harris showed up at her office unannounced with a large bag full of various narcotics and a promise to make Holscher wealthy if she played ball and let Harris use her proprietary packaging for the safe transport of his narcotics.

Holscher, who owns a company that ships food worldwide out of Bozeman, Montana, worked for years to develop packaging that not only allows its contents to be submersed in water indefinitely but renders it undetectable by drug dogs or drug detection machines.

Holscher, an honest businesswoman with no criminal intent, had to forcefully remove Harris from her office and property after declining his offer. It is reported that when Harris reached his truck after he was removed, he threw the bag of narcotics on top of several other bags of narcotics that were in the back seat.

What happened to Holscher and her minority-owned, family business after removing Harris from her property is something that a Hollywood writer might consider for a screenplay. Perhaps the most troubling facet of the harassment endured by Holscher is the revelation that the Bozeman FBI seems to be involved in the harassment, theft, and framing of Holscher.

As reported in the previous article, the bad actors inside the FBI who allegedly framed, harassed, threatened, and stole from Holscher are named Matthew J. Duermier and Jonathan M. Tjernagel.

According to testimony, Not only did Duermier and Tjernagel look the other way regarding the crimes of their stooge, the aforementioned Robert Wayne Harris, they likely committed criminal acts to protect him both legally and financially.

In one example, Duermier contacted a Florida collection agency (without jurisdiction or authority) and quashed a collection action by a Culver City company for $686,000, money due to be paid to Holscher.

Illegal Search and Seizure

One of the many criminal offenses reportedly perpetrated by the crooked Bozeman FBI was the act of illegally raiding and looting Holscher’s warehouse. The question of why the raid was illegal is easily answered in the documents below, but in summary, the FBI went to the wrong address.

Here is an excerpt from one of Holscher’s summary briefs:

Federal Defendants state in their pleadings and exhibits that the question before the Court is the validity of the warrant; and the Federal Defendants further state that Magistrate De Soto authorized FBI Agent Duermeier [on the face of the warrant] to search 240 Glacier Mountain Ln, Bozeman, MT.
Plaintiff agrees with the Federal Defendants that Magistrate De Soto authorized a search of the search premises at 240 Glacier Mountain Ln, Bozeman, MT. [as per the face of the search warrant].


If you read the above correctly, you get an idea of what happened. The warrant issued was for 240 Glacier Mountain Lane (a fact not in dispute by the plaintiff or the defendant), but Holscher’s warehouse is at 200 Glacier Mountain Lane. Here are two documents that corroborate that the above statement is a fact.

Alarm Certificate Verification

Propane Billing Statement Verification

The following documents were filed by Holscher as part of her case

Brief on Search Warrant

Motion for Summary Judgement

Plaintiff’s Sworn Affidavit

As a backdrop for all of the wanton disregard of Holscher’s rights is the fact that she is Asian American and is being discriminated against because of that fact. This is not speculation, as evidence to substantiate that claim does indeed exist.

Recently, congress passed a resolution to bring justice to people in Holscher’s position in the form of House Resolution 153 of the 117th Congress. The meat of the bill reads as follows:

This resolution condemns all manifestations of expressions of racism and anti-Asian and Pacific Islander or ethnic intolerance.

The resolution calls on federal law enforcement officials, working with state and local officials, to

expeditiously and vigorously investigate all reports of hate crimes and threats against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States;

work to improve the reporting of such hate crimes; and

hold the perpetrators of those crimes, incidents, or threats accountable and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The full resolution can be viewed by Clicking Here

Federal Judge Brian Morris will soon be ruling on Holscher’s case, in fact, he could rule on it over the coming Memorial Day weekend. Morris has a chance to do the right thing here and hold the crooked FBI accountable for the theft of Holscher’s property and for ruining her business. Let’s not forget the discrimination. The ball, and this case, is in your court Judge Morris. Will you do the right thing?

If you can find the time, please call Judge Morris and ask him to do the right thing by Terri Holscher.

The Honorable Brian Morris
Missouri River Courthouse
125 Central Avenue West
Suite 301
Great Falls, MT 59404

Chambers (406) 454-7800


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  1. Defamation and Malicious Prosecution lawsuits to start now that her accomplice and the brains behind their ongoing 30+ year international fraud organization has been indicted and arrested by the FBI. Holscher is next. Montana Daily Gazette (JD Hall) and Northwest Liberty News (James White) might want to settle immediately!


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