LGBTQ Club Comes to Sidney High School


Students in Sidney, Montana, recently reported seeing fliers advertising an LGBTQ+ Club in the local high school hallways. Some students reportedly took them down, annoyed that big-city values had come to their rural hamlet, disagreeing with the notion that any kind of sex should form the focus of a school club or that sin should be celebrated.

Photos of the fliers were sent to Montana Daily Gazette (see below).

The flier reads, “We are a group for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and other Queer-identified youth, ages 12-18, in the Mondak Region.”

The flier pledges to provide a “safe place” for young people to “live authentically.” Of course, one must wonder how authentic it is (or isn’t) for a boy to live as a girl, or a girl to live as a boy. But then again, high school is not really the place for critical thinking in the 21st Century.

The flier also advertises the club as a place to form LGBTQ+ relationships. Some Sidney locals were unaware of the meaning of “+” of the LGBTQ+ acronym. This applies to the never-ending string of possible self-identifications of those who operate in the realm of biological or sexual imagination.

The “+” refers to the non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit, third gender, and even the trans-species (people who believe they are animals), otherkin (people who believe they are elves, mythical beasts, or aliens), trans-ageist (people who believe they are the wrong age), and trans-ableist (healthy people who believe themselves to be disabled).

It is unknown how many Sidney students identify as the wrong gender, age, or species. But now they have a support group.

The Montana Daily Gazette contacted the support group and asked some clarifying questions. Because they are youth, we have made the editorial decision to treat them as kindly as possible, despite taking the editorial position that homosexuality and its various associated weirdisms are harmful to both society and children.

The youth explained to MDG the meaning of the term, “queer.”

They reported, “Queer is an umbrella term that encompasses all genders and sexualities that are not heterosexual (straight) and cisgender (meaning that your gender identity aligns with your sex assigned at birth). In the past ‘queer’ has been used as a derogatory term towards LGBTQ people, but in recent years, it has been reclaimed within the LGBTQ community.”

We might mention that sex is not “assigned at birth.” We pray the Sidney High School biology and science department iterates to them that sex is developed in the DNA at the moment of conception and takes physical form between 7 and 12 weeks. Doctors and parents do not “assign” gender. They merely observe it.

When asked if the club has sponsors, the student responded, “Sidney LGBTQ Youth has no formal ‘sponsors.’ However, we were recently awarded a small grant from an LGBTQ health conference hosted by Montana State University.”

MDG was unable to determine what health conference that was, or if it was hosted by Montana State University or at Montana State University. Either way, it appears that funding queer clubs in rural Montana high schools is our tax dollars at work.

When asked what adults were helping the student put together the LGBTQ+ club they responded, “The group was started by students, but a few different adults have helped run the group. This year our program director, Liz Sealey, has put an emphasis on helping young people develop skills for maintaining good mental health. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is currently in graduate school earning her Master’s in Public Health.”

We have since asked a follow-up, as to who those other adults are who have been instrumental in helping put together the group, but have yet to recieve a response.

The LGBTQ movement puts children in grave risk of suicide and mental health problems. Children who “transition” (but not really) to the wrong gender report higher rates of suicide than those who receive adequate treatement for their gender dysphoria. Gender Dysphoria was added as a mental health disorder to the DSM V in 1980. Only recently did “gender affirmation” become a treatment for the disorder, which is akin to making drug use a treatment for drug addiction. Doubling-down on a mental health disorder is a strange way to treat it.

However, the LGBTQ+ movement largely blames suicide and mental health complications upon peole of values who don’t affirm homosexuality and trans-ism. In other words, the community is to blame and people need to be affirmed in their disorders, and not treated. Stastical data does not demonstrate this is the case, but anecdotal arguments from those within the LGBTQ “community” blame Christians and traditionalists for their higher risk of drug use, self-harm, and self-defeating behavior.

The student spoke to this mental health pandemic, stating, “In recent years, rates of mental illness and psychiatric distress have increased in young people. According to a recent report from Mental Health America, 9.7% of youth in the U.S. have severe major depression (compared to 9.2% in last 2020). LGBTQ young people are more likely to experience additional stressors because of their sexuality or gender identity.”

The student added, “The mental health curriculum for Sidney LGBTQ Youth aims to build resiliency in young people. Most of our activities use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies to increase resilience.”

At Montana Daily Gazette, we truly do hope that students wrongly identifying as “transgender” receive the mental health help they need, as well as those identifying as homosexuals. The LGBTQ movement is a mental health disaster in waiting, and good treatment options should exist for youth who have been inundated with LGBTQ propganda, presenting it as a reasonable alternative life choice that is little more than a deviation from nature that inhibits human flourishing.

MDG spoke to Superintendent Brent Sukut, who confirmed knowledge of the club. According to Sukut, students are allowed to advertise the times, dates, and locations of their extra-curricular club meeting times, but not place propanda on the fliers. According to Sukut, this is the same rule that applies to Christian clubs as well.

Because “transgenderism” doesn’t exist biologically, and does not accord to science, use of the term “transgender” on the LGBTQ+ fliers without the use of scare quotes certainly appears to be propaganda in its classical definition. One doubts it’s worth the fight to argue over semantics, and one doubts that teachers who are members of the far-left Montana Federation of Public Employees would agree.

Currently, the Montana Federation of Public Employees – which is effectively the teachers union – is suing Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen over legislation passed during the 2021 session outlawing boys from playing in girls’ sports. It’s not exactly friendly to science, objective facts, or common sense.

Sidney is a relatively quiet town, nestled along the Yellowstone River in far-Eastern Montana. Hopefully, all the students and residents can get along peacefully and co-exist, while yet respecting the rights of others to vocalize disagreement with one another on this subject.

For students who would like to affirm science and human biology instead of mental health disorders, they can reach out to Montana Daily Gazette, who may be able to help them find quality health treatments for their condition or provide resources to help them choose a better life.


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