Montana Tribe Bans Non-Vaccinated Members From Sick-Leave Benefits


Indigenous Americans have long been the target of medical experimentation. History is replete of examples demonstrating coordinated efforts on the part of government bodies to treat Native peoples like lab-rats, often subjecting them to untested vaccines, biological warfare, and dangerous medical experiments. But now, it appears that Montana’s tribal people are subjecting themselves to such barbarity.

In 1832, a treaty with the Ho-Chunk or Winnebago Indians in Wisconsin led to the creation of the Indian Health Service (IHS) under the Department of the Interior. While the treaty provided for the medical treatments of Native Americans, it also led to horrible health experiments that lead to Native Americans dying, suffering horrible ailments, or being sterilized. As has been demonstrated in congressional testimony, the IHS began to forcefully sterilize – against their knowledge – young Indian women who would receive routine surgeries like appendectomies. Between 1935 and 1970, it is estimated that between 20 and 50% of Native American women had been forcefully sterilized under the banner of “medical treatments.”

Today, the COVID-19 vaccine is being tested upon the American public, with voluntary vaccine recipients serving as test subjects. The vaccines were approved under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), meaning that it was approved without any of the ordinary testing processes to ensure vaccine safety, which ordinarily takes at least two years but has last as long as twenty. In other words, vaccine recipients are taking experimental vaccinations with largely unknown side effects. However, one of the side effects that is known is miscarriage, with the CDC admitting that 13.8% of pregnant women who took the vaccine lost their child. In fact, miscarriage figures have shot through the roof even among non-vaccinated women who have merely been around those who have been vaccinated.

It seems odd, then, that Indians on the Ft. Peck Reservation are forcing their own tribal members to inject themselves with untested drugs given them by Big Pharma. Trusting the government has the best interest of Native peoples at heart seems like an odd misjudgment for the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes.

One of the ways the Ft. Peck Indian Reservation has forced its members to repeat 19th Century mistakes is by recently repealing portions of its Emergency Paid Sick Leave Policy, and restricting non-vaccine users from utilizing the leave.

Seen above, the memo was sent out May 26 by tribal chairman, Floyd Azure. It reads, “If there is an available vaccine and an employee has not received the vaccine, they shall not be eligible for the emrgency paid sick leave under provision 2(a)(b), unless the employee can provide documentation from a medical provider that the vaccine poses a substantial medical risk to the employee due to a documented medical reason.”

The memo doesn’t leave room for a tribal member who has researched the vaccine and consulted phsyicians who oppose it (that number is growing dramatically, every day). Instead, the memo requires tribal members to prove they have a medical condition that exempts them from taking the untested drugs.

Common sense does not seem to be the documented medical exemption they are looking for.

Meanwhile, the Tribe is doing whatever it can to talk its members into taking the drugs. They are paying members in $20 grocery cards to participate in the experiments (see below).

Why would people have to be bribed to take a supposedly life-saving vaccine? Perhaps the tribal members have a shared cultural experience and historical memory about such exeriments, and have grown naturally wary.


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