Video: Pastor Matt Trewhella: Parents Have Lost Natural Affection for Their Children


One of the most likely asked questions coming from mainstream America after watching young adults from across the country tear down statues and burn down buildings had to be, “where are these children’s parents?”

That is a good question and one that deserves an answer. Where, indeed, are those children’s parents?

To answer that question, one needs to go back to a time when parents did care about their children, when a strong community was a blessing, and when churches stood by the Word while rebuking the vipers of government. A time affectionately called “the good old days.”

What happened to the good old days, you ask? One likely explanation, and the most probable, is that America, as a whole, asked God to leave most, if not all, of our established institutions. From that point on, America has been slowly sliding into the nation of decadence and decay that we are witnessing today.

Pastor Matt Trewhella is widely known and respected for his preaching and his writing and has a lot to say about why we are in the shape that we are in right now as a nation. His legendary book, “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates,” is highly acclaimed and well-read by Christians worldwide.

Pastor Trewhella joined Jim White from Montana Gazette Radio recently to discuss a wide variety of topics, including Pastor Trewhella’s view on the state of parenting today. The second video linked below is the full interview with Pastor Trewhella.


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  1. A couple things, thanks for this interview James! 😀 You’re awesome! Also, I am wondering what is happening to the Gazette cause there is just an overload of reposted articles from other sites, NOT enough news about Montana, too much news about the nation, which I can get elsewhere, I come here for state news, and I think most people are the same. Also, I don’t mind ads, I get why the site has the, but they have become totally out of control in the last few months, if they were reduced by 1/3 or 1/2, it would be great, cause honestly, I hate coming on here when the first thing I see is a giant ad, not an article.


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