HOAX: Man-made Global Climate Change

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Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, on the contrary, it makes crops grow faster, feeds plants and trees, who then turn out oxygen for us to breath. Someday the world will wake up and laugh when people finally understand the entire pursuit of economic ruin in the name of saving the planet from increasing carbon dioxide, is in fact a terrible joke.

Temperatures have fluctuated over the past 5,000 years, and today’s Earth temperature is below the average of the past 5,000 years. A modest amount of global warming, should it occur, would be beneficial to the natural world.  During the Medieval Warm Period (between 800 and 1200 AD) when temperatures were 7° to 9° F warmer than today, there was a great increase in prosperity of mankind – and Greenland was actually green. Contrary to environmentalists, the polar bear population (which they claim are an endangered species today due to global warming) has actually increased from around 5,000 in the 1960’s to over 25,000 today.

The idea that you could run America on “solar”, “wind”, and “bio fuels” is laughable. A gas-fired plant occupies about 15 acres. The 300 foot wind turbines affect 106,000 acres which destroy scenic vistas, and kill thousands of birds each year – just to provide expensive, intermittent, insufficient electricity. The silly claims put forth by Joe Biden and his energy czar John Kerry, that alternate energy can provide continuous, economic and reliable power, shows a complete ignorance of reality. The “Green New Deal” is a good example of nonsensical environmental interference in our lives.

Whenever you hear that a consensus of scientists agree on something (a claim put forth by that environmental fraud, Al Gore), reach for your wallet, because you are being scammed. Science is ever evolving and not “settled science”.

Once we accept the principle that carbon dioxide emissions should be monitored, controlled, and taxed, we open the door to the most invasive kind of bureaucratic meddling, and all the “carbon cops” who want to stick their noses into every aspect of the way we live our lives, like the kind of car we drive, our holiday destinations, our pleasure boat, or even our transportation miles accrued in buying your food and groceries, it becomes a virtual bureaucratic nightmare.

The global environment is likely to be damaged far more by misguided attempts to reduce our carbon emissions than would be caused by man made global warming, even if it were real and continued unchecked. Nobody believes a weather prediction 7 days ahead, yet we are being asked to reorder our entire economy based on climate predictions 100 years hence – predictions that are not supported by scientific evidence…

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Original Op-Ed posted by Chuck Lehmann at The Published Reporter. Title altered by Montana Daily Gazette.


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