Join Civil Rights Leader, Ammon Bundy, for His Huge Announcement on June 19


You might know Ammon Bundy. He’s the freedom-loving patriot in the cowboy hat who walks softly and carries a big stick (of freedom), who has never yet been successfully prosecuted for all the non-crimes the federal government has charged him with their decade’s long feud with his family. The Bundy family is gathering on June 19 at Kleiner Park in Meridan, Idaho in anticipation of Ammon’s big announcement.

The Bundy family, whose cattle the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) tried to wrangle away from them like Old West cattle rustlers (except they used miliitarized police instead of literal gun-slingers and helicopters instead of horses) in 2014 Nevada, will be present at the event. Like Ammon, the family Patriarch, Cliven, has been found innocent of all charges brought against him by the feds for asserting his private property rights and individual civi liberties.

Most recently, Ammon has been fighting for the rights to breathe freely and choose wardrobe choices that don’t bear false witness, in the State of Idaho, where he maintains a home and ranch. And by “fighting,” we mean that he has shown up peacefully to the Idaho capitol to lawfully petitition his government for grievances or attend legislative hearings without wearing a COVID facial diaper. While Democrats-in-Republicans clothing looked onward as the Amerian hero was carried out in handcuffs, pretending all was well in Repubicanville, Ammon Bundy has been slowly and methodically laying the groundwork to help all Idahoans maximize their liberty while improving their lives without government intervention.

The Bundy family has invited all people to come to their get-together, but have provided beef straight from the Bundy Ranch for the first 1000 attendees. And we’re not talking about pink-slime ‘wonder’ burgers of labratory-formed vegetable patties…we’re talking about real Cliven Bundy-brand ranch-raised beef.

So far as his announcement is concerned, we’d love to know more. Surely, his future is bright. The Montana Daily Gazette intends on giving Bundy impartial and fair press coverage the rest of statewide legacy press does not.



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