Urgent! Time Running Out for Montana Family Pitted Against Criminal Banks


It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”
― Henry Ford

No other institution besides Big Pharma has done more to damage this nation than the banking industry. Since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, both the nation’s money supply and its economic cycles have been under the control of a foreign, private conglomerate of banks that have zero loyalty to America, her Constitution, and the rule of law.

Very few institutions have accumulated the collective wealth enjoyed by the banking industry as a whole, and with great wealth comes great power, like it or not.

Just how much power do our banking overlords possess? Well, the evidence suggests that they have enough influence to violate both the Montana and Idaho constitutions, along with several state laws and statutes in both locations.

One of the most widely reported and common crimes committed by the banking industry is the practice of “Asset-Stripping.” Over many months, Montana Daily Gazette has acquired a voluminous amount of information and evidence that points to numerous instances of undisputed criminality by banks in Montana. And, sadly, Montana is not alone.

One of the many instances of asset-stripping that has been collected by MDG staff is the case of the Nick and Donna Nickerson family. The Nickerson’s had one property stolen in Idaho and one property stolen in Montana with blatant disregard for the law in both instances. The summaries of where the Nickerson’s stand on their properties currently is posted below.

Montana Ranch
Where we are in Montana is we have a redemption period on our Montana Ranch that is scheduled to end Saturday, June 12, 2021. All facts, truth, and evidence demonstrate this is not a lawful foreclosure and that our home, land, ranch, and farming operations are being stolen as part of an ongoing attack to punish us for our Christian faith, conservative values, and differing worldviews. Someone with money, power, and authority wants the ranch and does not want us to have it or the significant equity built up in the ranch and in our farming operations. The egregious windfall the bank is securing by ignoring and violating Montana and federal laws corroborate something far beyond a bank foreclosure is occurring. We have just not been able to get anyone with authority to stop this attack and help us save our homes and ranches.
In short, we are suffering the loss of years of research, development, game-changing sustainable farming techniques and advancements, expansive organic farming operations, time investments, access to healthy homegrown food for our family, and our safe place to call home for our family, future generations, and livestock. To put this in perspective, our farm produces enough organically grown and raised food to feed a decent-sized community and enough flowers to supply regional florists. We are losing over 80,000 raspberry plants, 3500+ potato plants, 2000+ strawberry plants,  200’ intensively planted well-established asparagus, 500+ collards, 25+ varieties of established herbs (around 500 mother plants), and more in this theft. We are also losing our market flower operations – 1300+ tulips, 400+ Irises, 700+ hyacinths, 50+ peonies, 40+ dahlias, 1200+ Sweet Williams, 175+ snapdragons, 20+ Columbines, around 450 lilies, and the list goes on. The immediate and ongoing loss is far-reaching…

Idaho Ministry Ranch
Our Idaho Ministry Ranch was raided on November 12, 2019. Many of our personal possessions on the ranch at the time of the raid have not been returned to us. We have held a perpetual 24×7 prayer vigil and watch overlooking our ranch for the past 575 days. We are still paying all utilities, insurances, and other costs associated with the ranch even though we have not had access to our ranch, personal possessions, family heirlooms, phone, and farming equipment since the raid. We have not been able to return because local law enforcement has threatened us with arrest and hired gunmen have threatened to shoot us if we returned. As of last week, the bank is still recognizing us as the occupants of the property, acknowledging our rights to be on the ranch, and denying any involvement whatsoever in the invasion and raid. Every day that passes threatens our 18 years of organic agricultural development and personal property still remaining on the ranch.

In addition to the property theft, an extended family member is facing two years in jail because she was present during the raid. An account of the events surrounding her dilemma is listed below.

Jeannie Smith – Criminal Charges
Jeannie is an extended family member who is facing up to two years of jail time for being on our property with our permission when the November 12, 2019 invasion and raid occurred. She has no prior criminal record. The Sheriff had not served or noticed our family or Jeannie we needed to vacate the property or remove our personal belongings prior to the raid. No judgment against our personal property exists. There was an appeal in place and we had been told by the Sheriff the eviction process had not been initiated. Jeannie is being charged with trespassing and obstruction of justice. She did not resist arrest in any way and did not verbally or physically act to intervene when officers were axing in our doors, pepper-spraying our dogs, destroying our personal property, or forcing her to sit in the freezing rain for hours. She only silently prayed.

The Nickerson’s have a large quantity of documentation that substantiates their claims which can be found by Clicking Here. The family’s matriarch, Donna Nickerson, joined Jim White on Montana Gazette Radio recently to recount her troubling story.


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